Cubase 11.0.10 Maintenance Update

no it’s broken using mouse only:
please see here

Thanks Unoute, but I see on the other thread (please see here) you’ve just confirmed it’s still broken using the mouse. Sorry I forgot to mention I was referring to mouse use only.

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You are talking about 10db headroom below 0dbfs. The team about headroom above 0dbfs

@Grada Unfortunately this is not fixed yet, but it is scheduled for 11.0.20 as well.

Oh. Ok. Sorry.


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Thanks for the fast and precise replay @Matthias_Quellmann looking forward!

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is there a reason to be using mouse and not your keyboard?

Personal preference?

I know people who’s keyboard sits under their desk on a slider, and in front of them on the desk is a MIDI keyboard and trackball sat on top. They only roll the keyboard out when it comes to typing track names or saving files.

Thanks for responding. Just for clarity - am I correct in saying that everything listed in the “Cubase Pro 11 Update” has been updated? In other words, if I want to be completely up to date with everything, I should install everything on the list? However, if I am not concerned with Groove Agent, Retrologue, Padshop, or any of the content sets, then I only need to download the core application? I am on Windows, by the way. If there are items in this list that have not been updated, then I’m puzzled as to why they’d appear there, so I think I know the answer. Still, I concur with the other posters as regards the lack of clarity in the download assistant.

Much appreciated.

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the only thing that has changed / needs installing is the main application plus Groove Agent / Retrologue.

Nothing else has changed and no reason to reinstall it.

I must admit, I was confused as well at first. Maybe add a “new” icon to the updated software parts within the download manager? :slight_smile:


My mix methodology is not the common one I guess, but I like to keep my mixer faders around unity gain. I usually end up with my mix up to 6-12db in the red/over . I do this because I want to keep my audio free from rounding errors introduced by gain reduction/volume faders before it hits my mix bus. The overs are in the floating point mantissa, so the math is still correct because it is summed in the FP domain. Then I have Bit shift Gain plugin as a first plugin on the stereo bus is. This is a perfect gain plug-in that changes the gain in 6db steps but keeps the original waveform untouched. When I go to 24bit (from 32) the audio gets attenuated by 6 db and the level hits the rest of my stereo bus without overs. The advantage to this method is less rounding errors in the summing (all faders at unity gain) and the waveform is bit by bit EXACTLY the same as when it was in the FP domain (+6 to 12db over), just with a 6db lower headroom/6db higher noise floor. So for me it would be very useful to have a meter that shows what’s going on in the floating point domain up to 12db OVER my master before it hits the bit shift gain.

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Aren’t you afraid of clipping in plugins? Sounds like a sketchy way to work. I’m pretty sure plugins aren’t guaranteed to have the same extended input headroom as the DAW, for example, Sonnox EQ will clip before the DAW clips.

That seems very strange. Input and outout from plugins are floating points. They have a dynamic range that is huge. However, sonnox EQ is very old and goes back to a digital console that was using fixpoint. They might do fixpoint internally to be sure that is identical. I dont think there are that many plugins that does not use floating point now.

Thanks. Is there any logical reason to include these other non-updates in the “Cubase Pro 11 Update” section? It seems to be causing some confusion.

Something like this would be very helpful.

The update section is for the Cubase Pro updates from Cubase 10.5. That’s why everything is included. But you are absolutely right, the download assistant needs to be improved. We have a dedicated team working on it and there are constant improvements scheduled for the next months.


I’m pretty sure I read somewhere actually that plugins that are emulating analog gear will not have the same digital headroom you are thinking of, but this isn’t first hand knowledge so don’t quote me.