Cubase 11.0.10 Maintenance Update

Hi. remove projects from the Hub list, it still doesn’t work !!! the vumeter colors seem to have changed, and the presets weren’t working for me.

good job, anyway !!


@Pablin_Drummer “Remove projects from list” in the HUB will be fixed with the next update.


Thanks Matth!

plugin editors, Always at the top does not work either … this is something annoying …

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Is Spectralayers ONE not in the download assistant anymore? Only PRO & Elements.
If I am not mistaken when C11 came out there was a version ONE who is included in C11.

@vncvr Let me check the AutoLFO status.

@Pablin_Drummer Could you please point me to the issue thread?

@ca-booter The installer is still listed in the Cubase 11 folder in the SDA.


It’s not a huge issue, only that I had ended up duplicating the problem into all my templates and many projects thereafter before realizing the bug.

Video of problem

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anybody tested the ‘hidden channels’ issue in EUCON - I don’t want to !!!

Although I did have a Eucon crash on exit - on a blank template…(in the AVID plug not the SB one)…

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A shame that the led colors in the mixer are changed, again extra work to change them back to the way i was used to. Loading my saved preferences does not have any effect on this


And pinning the Audio fader in the Instrument tracks inspector still doesn’t work. FWIW, I use it all the time when dealing with VSTis and it’s one of the most irritating workflow issue I encounter, during each and every Cubase sessions.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think that it is rocket science to fix it… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Not being able to remove from hub is annoying


Why so long a wait for a fundamental fix? And how long will we wait?

other 3 months, maybe…

Great news that Houston is back, haven’t tested everything yet, but functions I have work fine, thank you.


Hi there,
So if you already have installed everething from C11, then the only thing we have to download is the update, or are there more things we need to download that are updated?
Its very unclear (for me) since the change to download manager.


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I was wondering the same thing.

If the “Steinberg Download Assistant” does not recognize itself what I need to install and what not, a column “Date modified” would be useful.


Yes, you just need to install the new Cubase 11.0.10 core application and the updates for Groove Agent and Retrologue if you are on macOS Big Sur.


EDITed my post as I was confusing myself with Left and Right! I was of course talking about the missing scales in the right zone’s Meter … sorry for that

Matthias / Steinberg,

loving your humor (more of the dev team of course).
There was a bug with the [NOT LEFT] right zone meter which showed +6dB/+12dB in the drop down menu but they were not selected. Now comes the Steinberg bug fix > they just removed +6dB/+12dB from the selection. LOL ! What a smart fix. Even more annoying: you can still set the colors for +6db and +12dB in the preferences, but for what if they do not appear anywhere in the application to be used?


Thanks @Matthias_Quellmann and Steinberg team for all your hard work.


Thank you for bringing back Houston support! It’s a lifesaver! You guys rock for listening to customer demands :+1:t2: