MIDI Insert AutoLFO sending data even if disabled

This one threw me for a bit of a loop, because i could not for the life of me figure out why my synths settings were changing on start/stop and locating and was going through ALL my MIDI preferences and options.

Bypassing the inserts solves it.


I can report that this does not occur with AutoLFO on MIDI SEND-Inserts, only on the regular MIDI track inserts.

Anyone know if this was fixed in 10.5 or 11?


It’s still the same in Cubase 11. Once you Stop playback, MIDI CC10 values has been sent out.

okay this should be registered as a bug


Yes it is.

And so with midi Modifiers insert!
drove me crazy for an hour :rage:

What exactly with MIDI modifiers?

Hoping the AutoLFO thing is an easy fix… needing it for a project

It was bypassed transpose modifier

So it was bypassed but continued to have an affect on the channel?

You should make a separate issues thread

You’re right. Maybe later… It is hard to reproduce