Cubase 11.0.30 crashes

During today’s workday (Win 10), I had 2 system freezes and three unexpected Cubase closures. Never happened before. No third-part plugins, just a couple of instances of Frequency in insert and about thirty tracks, all audio. Something wrong in this update, but OK, don’t worry, updates arrive every few months.
Seriously, there are people here who pay and earn a living with the Cubase license. We can’t wait that long. I have no time for this.

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Hi @lordadb,

Could you please upload the crash log and add some details on your system? Our team would like to check what is going on!


I really would like to help. Unfortunately, in my C:\Users\mauro\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps there’s no dump file created in my yesterday session. Maybe because Cubase simply disappeared while I’m working. No error message, nothing. The same when my system freezed. Very weird, actually.

Anyway, I had Win 10 20H2, so I tried to solve updating to 21H1, with no luck.

  • CPU AMD FX-8350 @ 4400MHz
  • Mother: Asus 970 Pro
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Video: AMD Radeon R7 250
  • Audio: RME Fireface 802 @ 1024 buffer size
  • Cubase 11.0.30 - Asio Guard ON (normal) @ 48 KHz - 24 bit


  • I work a lot with external outboards in insert for mixing.
  • I try to stay light using the Direct Offline Processing very often.
  • I had no issue with 11.0.20
  • I use very sparely third-part plugins, I prefer use stock plugins and the Console Strip for the most track.

I hope it can be useful. I’m available for further info.

Was there a specific situation that caused the crash? Please let us know as soon as you get a crash log.

Probably his low powered CPU and Cubase’s inefficient handling of processing.

Sorry for my late reply, I wasn’t in the studio.
@Matthias_Quellmann , during the crash, I was simply playing the song. Tomorrow I try to make a screenshot of the project, just to have all the possible things.
@Augustus , my CPU is not a problem for me (I use very few plugins, all stocks, most external gears) and anyway that’s enough since update to 11.0.30. Actually, my performance bar stays very low, so I don’t think can be a process loading effect.