Cubase 11.0.30 Maintenance Update Available

Hi all,

We have just released the Cubase 11.0.30 maintenance update with several fixes and improvements in different areas of the application.

We recommend installing this update and reading the Release Notes for detailed information.

If you have questions about specific issues, please make sure to link to the issue thread in your post.

Please let us know how satisfied you are with the maintenance update in general!

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I downloaded the update via the Steinberg Download Assistant and noticed that the update is installed automatically afterwards, this is of course stupid because I have the Download Assistant on a different partition than Cubase, and I want to keep it that way.

I don’t want to clutter up my music partition with a thousand wizards. It would be nice if the automatic installation could be switched off.


Couldn’t agree more !
The whole installation setup for Cubase 11 bugs me. I directed Cubase to install to a separate M2 SSD, and it still installed most of the program to C: and parts to the SSD.

Would have been nice to also see a SpectraLayers One v8 update as well… :grinning:

But thanks for continued efforts… :+1:

I have an installation issue. More specifically, the download succeeds and so does the verification step as I get I get a white tick on a green background in the progress bar. However the button text is ‘Install again’!? What?
I tried three times with same result, so from my point of view I can’t install the new update.

You have succeeded. Simply run Cubase now - and check the version… surprise…!

The toolbox highlight is still missing when selecting tools on right-click. Bummer.

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Seems stable on M1. Unfortunately, the media bay in the right zone is still unable to remember columns after the restart of the program, bug that was report it since cubase 7

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No track marker data is displayed in the inspector. Windows set 125%, Cubase set -25% (HiDPi).
At 11.0.30 - this is not fixed. How tired these bugs are.

Project defaults to “wav” instead of “Broadcast wav” even after save/load still. Unbelievable!

Oh, and Komplete Kontrol enable/disable still doesn’t work either, unreal.

Just unbelievable.

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Well now, that is a surprise. Thanks Puma0382.

Oh no! I haven’t tried it yet but I was def having that issue too.

Must be your graphics as all the Gui is fine here

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Really? Ok… good to know… I didnt have this issue in C10. I wonder if this could be related to 4K?

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First, comments about the installation process, getting more and more complicated and unfriendly for the average user. Among others :
- first, the Download assistant that needs an update nearly each time we have to use it, and it’s not an instant process, far from it…
- second, a mandatory connection to Steinberg, with the inevitable acceptance of all the cookies…
- Third, the cryptic display of the available items that could be downloaded when choosing a category, such as Cubase 11 Pro one : what is actually already installed and what isn’t (I’m thinking about the different bundled instruments and their contents, here) ?
- Fourth, the Release notes still not available as PDF : the result is that I had to copy its content as ‘Non formatted text’ in Libre Office (the MS print to PDF is not reliable, several paragraphs being simply erased) to use them. Is it so complicated to Steinberg to make a PDF ? They were existing not so long ago…

Now the 11.030 release itself, after just a quick test :

  • Overall it seems stable. It was already the case for me with 11.0.20.
  • A noticeable improvement in several Cubase windows behavior, such as the Profile Manager one : Cubase no longer vanishes when using them.
  • OTOH, the instrument tracks inspector is still unable to maintain visible the panes, in the sub-inspector <instrument name> one, even if pinned. Well known by Steinberg, as being reported several times already…
  • The folder tracks inspector display is still unusable (
  • I’ll let beside all the things that need a serious overhaul (remote control features, Cubase behavior in the Windows task manager, color management), waiting for the 11.5.00 release notes.

Overall, I voted dissatisfied again, sorry… :expressionless: