Cubase 11.0.40 maintenance update

Hi all,

We have just released the Cubase 11.0.40 maintenance update with several fixes and improvements in different areas of the application.

We recommend installing this update and reading the Release Notes for detailed information.

If you have questions about specific issues, please make sure to link to the issue thread in your post.

Please let us know how satisfied you are with the maintenance update in general!

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Strange, Maintenance Update, actually.
Doesn’t solve any serious or critical bug’s.


Thanks for this update. It’s good that now Spectralayers works better in HDPi mode. Now we are still want to correct work without graphic issues and blurr in HDPi in Windows. Will it be in the future? It’s really important in the end of 2021. Really…


Ooohhhh , don’t know what to say about this one , back to the old days , nothing there that causes me hassle so no need to update


I’m guessing this is the last maintenance update before 11.5 then? Hardly anything in here…


Adding track pictures to multiple selected tracks is back! Finally! However, it works a little strange. And it only works on the MixConsole, not on the tracks. But hey, it’s something.

Thanks for this update! :slightly_smiling_face:

“Broadcast Wave file settings are now correctly saved in the project settings.”

  • A very important feature, those who use BWF know why! Now, finally after a couple of update versions seems to be working again as expected!

“Adding track pictures to multiple selected tracks at once is now possible, by pressing the Shift key and double-clicking on one of the selected tracks.”

  • A feature that has been broken for a long time. This one is working only in the mixer window, at least for me… If I select multiple tracks in the arrange window and double-click the track, all other tracks (exept the last selected) gets un-selected…

Still have to test the other fixes, but for now this one looks promising!


Those of us with analog outboard gear are still in dire need of an overhaul to the External FX section. Is this going to happen?


The BWF settings issue seems to be resolved. Thanks

Hi, i cant install…it says "the installation source is not available blablabla code 1612 error error bleep bleep…

Is this a server thing? I also tried installing straight from the “installer_win.exe” that also fails.

Download was about 545 mb so it looks it downloaded alright, not sure what to do now?

This seems to be a registry issue on your system, Please have a look here: Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed

@shanabit Posting parts of the crash report in the announcement post doesn’t help anyone. Please make a new post and add some context.


Fixes for both “adding track pictures to multiple selected tracks at once” and “the name of a channel in the MixConsole is no longer truncated at certain zoom settings”! Really happy that they were finally fixed.

It also seems that plugin images in the Media Bay are now captured and displayed correctly when HiDPI is not enabled (in 11.0.30 they were severely truncated).

For me this was a great update!

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Minor issue, the Steinberg Download Assistant is saying 11.0.40 is installed already when first opening it (it isn’t).


Good update, and I’m hopeful the 96K improvements solve my issues with CPU spikes and crashes on OSX Catalina. Desperately awaiting the addition of MCU banking in groups of 16 or 24 faders, MCU banking following track selection in Cubase, and also the ability to have additional MCU controllers in parallel rather than serially (so for instance, an ipad MCU control app isn’t adding to the bankable tracks on the hardware surface). Coming in 11.5?

Well, i have more of a general problem/dislike with the Steinberg Download Assistant.

I started it today and it said it needs to be updated.
After i updated and started the Download Assistant, there was: “Cubase Pro 11.0.40 - green hook - install again”.

I thought ok, the updated installed 11.0.40. I started Cubase and it was 11.0.30 still.
After clicking install again it now is 11.0.40.

What i really dont like is that there are all the contents like Padshop, Bloom, Halion, Noir etc and i can click on install.
But i already installed all of them.
The Assistant really needs to tell me which is installed, which can be updated and which is installed and up to date.

Native Access is doing this in a much more userfriendly way.
Please have a look at your competitors, the Steinberg Download Assistant needs to catch up!

Under My Products i am missing all my products.
Some libraries i bought for example.
My Products should show ALL of my Steinberg products and i can one click update or one click install all.


“Under My Products i am missing all my products.
Some libraries i bought for example.
My Products should show ALL of my Steinberg products and i can one click update or one click install all.”


5 posts were split to a new topic: Cubase 11.0.40 crashes on start on macOS

Identical here. Looked like 11.0.40 had installed automatically whilst updating E-License control & the Download Assistant. Quickly checked the forum, cos it seemed unusual, and found this thread.
The Download Assistant was showing “Cubase Pro 11.0.40 - Application (required)”… then a Green, Checked progress Bar, File Size, and a big button labelled “Install Again”, but having read this post (Thanks harryhirn) I clicked the Install again button, and the proper download started & installed ok.