Cubase 11.0.40 maintenance update

BTW, I’m sure I’ve read that the dongle will remain - nothing changes there

Really? I have read that the dongle will disappear.
Specifically, Daniel @ Dorico team wrote this:

Yeah, I saw that too - hmm, now you’ve got me thinking.!

I originally read it as no new products will be able to be ‘written’ to the USB eLicenser. However, you can (will be able to) still use it for all existing licenses already on there… Maybe I’ve not got my head round it properly… ah well, all will be revealed soon.! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Das Update Cubase 11.0.40 ist nicht gelungen. Die Melodyne-Plots muss ich jetzt mit der
Lupe suchen oder x-fach vergrößern. Was soll das?
Ralf Brandt

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It makes me laugh cause on cubase 10.50 my trackpad worked perfectly. On cubase 11, a bug that made the trackpad and scrolling to be inverted staid there for 9 months and was finally fixed with this update. Now it seems again like a bug cause I was kindly used with the inverted mode.


Now I also need a magnifying glass to work with Melodyne ARA. Or to loose time trying enlarge the view.
@Matthias_Quellmann this need an immediate fix!!

@Ralf_Brandt & @Arionas1
See: Cubase 11.0.40 and Melodyne 5 ARA display issue - Cubase - Steinberg Forums


What problem(s) are you having? I’m able to run external EFX without any problems. In fact, the operation seems pretty simple and quite solid. ??

You’re unable to save a preset of your outboard i/o’s. So if Cubase for whatever reason forgets your settings you have to reconfigure it.

Simply changing interface or swapping the port your interface is connected to can cause cubase to forget i/os.

Cubase remembers my saved Projects that have EXT EFX on them correctly, so this function seem OK. So are you saying that the Preset tab that exists in the Audio Connection panel doesn’t offer the option for a preset of the EXT EFX? Did it ever? Also, I don’t run multiple interfaces, only one, so this may be why things are different for you?

Man, I bought Cubase 11, I am scared to install it after reading the posts here :scream_cat: :scream:

Don’t be. If you bought Cubase Pro 11 it is still good software. You can use older releases like 10.5.20 is good and for me so is 11.0.10. We all complain for things that don’t work but all and we are just trying to help each other.


Hi, I’ve installed the Cubase 11.0.40 update, but the new feature for adding picture to multiple tracks seems don’t work on my computer: when I double click on one of the selected tracks with the SHIFT key holding, all tracks in the selection will be unselected firstly, and after which, only the track which is double-clicked will be selected again, and after selecting one picture in the picture selecting dialog, only the picture of the track that is double-clicked will be changed.

Don’t be silly , C11 is super stable on PC , people just love to complain and moan ,it is the whinging forum so pay no attention , install and enjoy


Stable with its bugs…
Anyway 11.0.30 is ok



Cheers buddy.

same for me. :pensive:

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Went back to 11.0.30 as well.
For me the graphical melodyne ara issue is a big NO to work with 11.0.40


I don’t think anyone wants to complain or moan, but people are more likely to post here if they are having issues. For everyone having problems, there will be a bunch of people who aren’t. That doesn’t mean the issues don’t exist though.


Try it from the mixer instead. It does not work in the edit event area.
At least that’s how it’s works in Cubase 11 for me…

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