Cubase 11.0.40 maintenance update

hello, no solution given to the cubase crash under osx when a project was created on PC?

The “mouse pointer doesn’t follow tool 1 selection” bug is still not fixed. Should be a pretty damn easy fix?

Cubase no longer wants to open … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
message “Skin file” skin not found! " :disappointed_relieved:
Help please

if someone get problems downloading update with SDM, try download from site directly

HiDPi, never fixed.
Steinberg, it’s been almost a year! Just tell me honestly, how long to wait?


According to this post, it won’t be fixed before Cubase 12.

Sad! Sad! Sad!

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Yes.very Sad.I hope Steinberg fixes it fast.

I can say more - it will be NOT fixed in Cubase 12 as well :frowning:

They can’t fixed it about 3 years…

re-install, please.

Same over here. Just ignoring that and making it "re-"install will get the maintenance update installed properly.

Already reinstalled, same result

uninstall everything, and then erase all traces of Steinberg. from hidden folders on windows system etc. Save your preferences folder first, whatever you need to save.

… and then install Studio One! Just kidding :rofl:


I reinstalled version 11.0.30 , and it’s ok
I will wait for V. 11.0.50 :smirk:
Thank you for your interest in my problem.
But I see that a lot of people have the same concerns

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don’t wait, the next release will already be C11.5
We all have problems, we have to help each other!


The 2 lines was already a feature in a version around 10 or 10.5 (I don’t recall exactly), but then mysteriously disappeared after one update. So basically it’s a feature that’s returned, not brand new. But it’s good that it’s back.

Wasn’t that fixed in the 11.0.30 update?

Many thanks for the solution! Quite a lot of work for a .0.xx update though…

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