Cubase 11.5 come out, come out, wherever you are😉

I’m waiting for you :face_with_monocle::crazy_face::wink:


Even if they don’t fix any bugs, it’ll be worth the upgrade fee for the native-on-Apple-Silicon Mac support! #speculation #notconfirmed

Meanwhile, on silly old Logic pro, users get native-cpu-performance and massive feature and content upgrades for free, without any mystery, surprise, or suspense. #yawn.


Steinberg are in the testing stage of Silicon. So hopefully not too much longer, particularly as the incredible new MacBook Pro’s have just been released. I’m sure they’ll be releasing it quite soon to jump on that new MacBook Pro M1 pro max train. I hear it runs very well in Rosetta in the meanwhile.

Cubase native silicon is going to be amazing on the new Macs.

Apple own Logic. It would be pretty silly if the computers didn’t support it. Cubase runs on both platforms. Logic is as useful as a chocolate tea pot to PC users.


Fl Studio, Ableton, Studio ONE, Reaper, Bitwig Studio are both on windows and Mac and they already have the native M1 version available as an update, for free.


Agreed, PC users don’t need apple-silicon-native Cubase. Neither do intel-based-Mac users. Obviously.

But wouldn’t be cool if Cubase, as one of the major Mac DAWs already, could keep up with last year’s technology advances on the Mac platform?
And wouldn’t it be extra-cool if it was a free half-point update, like most of the major developers on that platform have done?

One of Cubase’s biggest competitive advantages is being cross-platform. With one licence, I run Mac (laptop) and Windows (desktop) versions, and move projects between them.

Right now self-built Windows PC is my primary desktop platform because performance vs cost is better. (Apple makes the best laptops, most agree, but i’m just talking about desktop here for a minute.)

If Steinberg releases apple-silicon-native Cubase, the equation changes, because the performance of the new Mac CPUs is so much higher, and Intel and AMD can’t compete?

I have an M1 Mac Mini with 16Gb RAM that I would love to compare with my Windows i7 7700K 4.2Ghz (overclocked to 4.5ghz) with 64Gb RAM if Cubase was M1-native. Especially now all my Waves plugins and Spectrasonics instruments are cross-platform and M1-native.

Cubase big projects seem to grind to a halt on my Windows PC, even with RAM and CPU to spare, lots of freezing and unloading channels, and a low latency audio interface (RME) with a max buffer.

I want to open these same projects on a more performant system. Seems I could get maybe 7% better Cubase performance on a new Windows 11 i9 11900 machine?

Big deal. I want more.

Could Cubase running natively on apple-silicon do better?

Also, maybe there’s just something about Cubase vs architecture that is constrained on Windows and intel-MacOS such that Cubase is not properly using the CPU and GPU? Issues with video drivers and Windows scaling seems to be borked. Maybe all that would go better under Apple’s new architecture as well as the single-thread performance being significantly better?

Well I cannot wait to test drive cubase on the new apple silicon M1 max. It will be Rosetta but should still be good. And hopefully native is just round the corner.

In the meantime, and in accordance with @luke7020, I’m listening again at this already 30 years old one…

Come as you are, as you were,
As I want you to be
As a friend, as a friend, as an old enemy.
Take your time, hurry up
The choice is yours, don’t be late.

:cd: :open_hands:


What I’m expecting from Cubase 11.5…
A new coat of paint for the GUI. Just catapult everything into the modern era.
Better synths that can keep up with Omnisphere 2.8 and their new expansion.
Update and improve all effects, eq and compressors to keep up with UAD, Softube and even Waves.
A drum designer like Logic pro X and while we’re at it why not an app to use it on your iPad or any tablet (wireless or wired to your computer).
Before I continue to write about bugs that still need to be improved I better stop and really say what’s coming.
Performance and some improvements…
One plugin and two extension of course not new but the old ones from 5 years ago…
And no there is no subscription at Steinberg only the annual updates that you should pay otherwise it will be expensive😊
But what I find that Logic Pro x is getting better and better and that for free and with the M1 pro it is from the performance better than some power Pcs🤔

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Again Logic is owned by Apple. I guess they can offset it as well as try to get users from other DAWs. It’s not cross platform though so it can’t be used universally. I work with others who use Cubase on Mac and pc. Much more difficult if someone has Logic

I do love cubase I’ve used it for years but when I get the new M1 Max next week, I will try out Logic Pro x and cubase pro, and whichever one ‘flies’ the most I’ll probably stick with.

Logic Pro is now a beast. So no matter how fast I am on cubase and enjoy using it, I’m no longer committed to it as I used to be. Not unless steinberg truly show commitment to stability improvements, workflow enhancements and innovation.

I know apple are a huge company and can afford the world whereas steinberg have limited resources, but I’ve been loyal for long enough. I deserve to pay and use for what works best.

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What a tune!

I cant wait for 11.5 to come out. In fact ive stopped doing any recording until it does, as i cant possible be creative with what i already have :slight_smile:


Ah the wonderful world of sarcasm :grin:
So you never get excited for new releases of any product that enriches your life? You must be fun on birthdays. ‘Bar humbug. Presents? No we must go and work down the coal mine. ‘

I hope they keep improving the key editor and the chord track / scale features.


Not doing so bad yourself with the sarcasm. Only failing on the profile though.

I hope for more expired extensions this is what I am missing in my compositions…
Something that has expired…
What nobody uses anymore…
Where you are catapulted into the stone age…
And who is not looking forward to the activation again.
That worked out very well the other day and when the new activation system starts up I’m already looking forward to the CEO’s letter…

I Love you Steinberg from the bottom of my Heart :heart_eyes:

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I have no idea what that comment means but thank you for your contribution. It has been a blessing of gargantuan proportions. And once again I thank you

Dont thank me but Steinbergs innovations that connects us here in the forum…:pray: