Cubase 11, Big Sur and Apple-silicon M1 Macs

So Apple desktop and laptops (notably the mac mini and macbook) are in the middle of a transition to Apple Silicon.

What is the expected availability of Big Sur support for Cubase running on a mac. Cubase 11 releases Nov 11. BigSur releases Nov 12. One day.

My bet is that the critical thing is that this happen sooner rather than later, so the vst developers can have a daw to do their tests in.



This article says we should wait. But the official Cubase 11 System Requirements article says Cubase 11 is compatible with macOS Big Sur already.

Big Sur will only be compatible on intel Macs for now, according to the table. You should check with other companies too. I’m sure you have many vsti that won’t be compatible.

I’d wait before jumping on Apple Silicon in any case. The performance of the M1 chip is not there yet. They only just started by optimizing for performance per watt, not actual computational performance. You’ll get more out of an intel chip still. My guess is that we’ll need to wait until the transition has fully completed before we see performance that is good enough, and hopefully the performance will be competitive.

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I’d suggest waiting as well of course, but not due to the raw performance potential… the M1 itself is shaping up to be amazing, regardless of performance per watt, it is beating significantly upmarket Intel at much higher wattage, at least based on initial benchmarks. Yes, this is preliminary, and of course we have to wait until Steinberg optimizes for Apple Silicon and see it all work in the real world, which could take a while knowing Steinberg. BUT the raw performance of the M1 is no slouch.

I mentioned this in another thread: Preliminary Geekbench numbers - for what they are worth - are looking much better than entry level, and it’s clocking in at 3.2 GHz. We still have to wait for real world benchmarks of course, but this is very promising so far:

Are those benchmarks measuring actual work though? I can’t find where they talk about testing with e.g. graphics, audio processing in realtime, etc. I’ll wait for more serious benchmarks… and also… a model with 4 tb ports. 2 is way too few.

i encourage you to do some youtube research concering logic / ableton and m1. Logic running on rosetta 2 on a 13" fanless air almost outperforms a fully spec’ed 16" macbook pro. i can only imagine what the performance will be like when daw and plugins are m1 optimized. logic m1 version does run fine, but since all plugins have to be emulated individually, there will be problems, so stick with x86 versions for now. i just bought a 13 pro online and will test to see if i can get cubase to run.

Please let us know!

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Cubase 11 on my Silicon M1 MacBookPro (16Gb/1Tb) has major graphic issues. It is useless at the moment… :pleading_face:
I hope Steinberg is working with hight priority on it to bring Cubase 11 to that M1 Powerhouse very very soon. M1 “is” indeed a game changer!!
In the meantime i’m working on my Ableton live projects, which are running very smooth and lightning fast on M1. (Although also still on Rosetta 2)


I’m experiencing graphical issues on my 16" intel under Big Sur. Definitely not ready for prime time even on Intel.


No love from Steinberg yet on my M1 MB Pro 16GB here either. I know their native M1 support is going to take some time, but how this isn’t working on Intels or under Rosetta yet is beyond me. Fab Filter already has native M1 and most everything else I have at least runs under Rosetta already.


With The new M1 Cubase worked on Big Sur 11, is unusable on 11.1.

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just got my mpb 13" pro fully spec’ed shipped. Cubase 11 indeed doesn’t work at all, fully black screen on startup which doesn’t seem to be able to be fixed. latest Studio One, Ableton Live and Logic all work fine with ALL (all big vendors incl. Native Instruments) Plugins you can imagine.

However, 10.5 seems to work just fine.

If steinberg at least released a Rosetta-working 11. Version…i’d be happy



What are the chances of getting a Rosetta-compatible V.11 within a few weeks/months?

Waiting here as well for Cubase on my M1 laptop. Awesome machine. Please hurry ;).

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My new Mac mini works fine. I had to go back to Cubase 10 though, and use beta version of Native instruments Komplete 12. Everything else works fine, all plug ins and sample libraries. But everything is using Rosetta 2. Still very smooth. I still think it should be possible to use Cubase 11 by now, at least the Intel version?


Just a quick point- this topic is only about the M1 macs.

Cubase 11 goes into safe mode when I try to open it, and it is all pink, so it’s impossible to do anything.
The mac mini is the M1 version. I hope it will be fixed. I’ll just use Cubase 10 in the meantime.

Does anyone know if Elements 11 will run on the new Apple Mac mini with Apple M1 chip please?