Cubase 11 cannot use my eleven rack asio driver

I’ve installed cubase 11, and when It becomes to choose ASIO driver it shows generic low latency and my AVID Eleven Rack Asio (64). When I choose second one, it shows “The audio driver could not be loaded. Make shure the audio harware is connected correctly to your computer”. When I want to change ASIO in studio setup it shows “No hardware found or already in use”. What should I do to repair this?

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This has been solved here already, or am I missing something?

Hi Martin, Hi all,
thank You very much. I was starting to get frustrated about this. Now with older drivers everything works perfect. Unfortunatelly avid forgot about 11 rack users for a long time…

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I knew someone in the future would be just as frustrated as I.

Glad I could help.