Cubase 11 Has MAJOR Scaling Issues

I am using an ultrawide monitor at 3840x1600 and have tried all scaling from 100x to 200x .

Anything over 100x causes this , it’s utterly unusable like this and so small at native it hurts my eyes.

I didn’t have this problem with Cubase 10 what on earth has happened???

You haven’t told us much.

Have you updated Windows?

Have you updated your graphic drivers?

what is your graphics card?

Do you have Intel Graphics as well as Nvidia/AMD graphics? which is Cubase utilizing

What is your Windows scaling in control panel?

Do you have HiDPI enabled or disabled?

Everything is up to date with latest drivers for EVERYTHING.
I have a 2080ti , 64gb 3200mhz, 3900x
I have tried every hidpi option in compatability settings … anything but native scaling causes this issue.

I like to use 150% as everything below that is tiny however it makes no difference it being 150% /200% / 125% … only native 100% works .

I have also tried overriding hidpi settings to application but the same result.

have you tried Allow Window Resizing?

Cubase 11: Using DPI-unaware plug-ins on Windows – Steinberg Support

and in terms of NI, I believe this relative

and there is a thread, he makes a few posts in there, i link the first one

according to him there are HiDPI improvements coming in the next update

Hi Lovegames, thank you I hope there will be an update asap!!!

Scaling is horrible at the moment and cubase is flat out not usable at the moment for me.

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