Cubase 11 is flying on Mac OS Big Sur

Just installed Big Sur on the Mac Pro 2013 6 core and I gotta say, Cubase 11 is so responsive on this setup. This is the best experience with Cubase I’ve had yet. I’m not using 4K though, i have two 60” LG lcd TVs since I like to move around the studio a lot and stand away from the screens but still see things clearly from far away. But man Big Sur is really responsive and Cubase is incredible.

Played with Logic for a few days and it has great stuff but feels really sluggish when you start adding automation and editing with big track counts, Cubase is responsive under any load and feels great. A fantastic time for Cubase users on Mac, thank you Steinberg! These are tough times and you really came through here.

Thanks for the report. :slight_smile:
I’ve got the same system, but still on Mojave. Looking forward to try it out.

Wow, this is really great news, thx for informing us !
Me too will run Cubase 11 (as soon as it is released as trial) on Big Sur.
Anxious to have the same experience as you.

Thanks for the report. Will wait for the trial. In my experience with Cubase 10.5 on both Mojave and Catalina, Logic blows away Cubase in term of CPU efficiency and response. Didn’t yet dare to install Big Sur as so many plugs are not compatible.

Yeah overall it’s possible with certain plug ins Logic is more CPU efficient and suspends processing but in my experience here the GUI gets sluggish pretty quickly compared to Cubase - with large, hundreds of tracks type scoring sessions. I also find Cubase so much more responsive with audio, Logic always takes 2 seconds to update any change (transposing , nudging) when playing back - Cubase is immediate.

I’m actually shocked how many plug ins are working without issue, didn’t expect it to be so seamless.

Did you find an increase in cpu efficiency ? Did you test anything by NI like kontakt ?

Hi Guys :slight_smile:
Maybe You know… Is it possible to run logic pro on Steinberg UR22MKII?
I’m going to buy Apple macbook air M1 and I have no experience in Macs. I would be gratefull, if You could help me.

You can use that interface with a Mac and Logic, no problem. Beware that many third party plugins don’t work on Big Sur yet, though if you just use the ones that come with logic you will be ok.

Thank You Mr Richard.

Thank You Mr Richard. I use Steinberg UR22MKII and I found this:
"macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon product compatibility: We’d like to update you on the development and certification process regarding macOS Big Sur for Steinberg products. macOS Big Sur (macOS 11) has been released in November 2020, replacing macOS Catalina.

Not only did Apple introduce a new operating system but also a new hardware platform with the Apple Silicon system on a chip (SoC) solution. While many of our products are compatible with macOS Big Sur on Intel-based systems, please note that we cannot recommend using Apple Silicon-based systems for the time being until we have completed our tests or released updates to make our software and hardware compatible.

Please keep in mind that other software you intend to use (e.g., plug-ins) needs to be officially compatible with macOS Big Sur as well!"

But from your opinion I understand that if I will use my audio interface on Macbook with M1 chip on their logic pro X programme, there will be no problem?

Aah, if your question was: ‘does my interface specifically work on M1 ?’ then My answer would be - wait until Steinberg certify it! Sorry if I confused you.

Have any of you with “older” MBP’s seen this bit of business?

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Thanks for that Weasel! It nearly affects me, but luckily I have the 15” 2014 MBP.

I can confirm this, this also applies to older macs that are less powerful than yours.

I initially started one of my old projects and after a long work everything started to slow down. And then I started deleting the most suspicious third party plugins and bingo, Roland Cloud was a party breaker. They leak after some time on Big Sur, I tried with different settings, first default settings, then my custom then most CPU friendly. Same result.

The second round, was with a lot audio and automations and only builtin plugins. And surprise, Cubase flaying no leaks or whatever.

The third round, I added a couple of Native Instruments to the previous project because I have never had any major problems with them and they work fairly stably. And everything works flawlessly, and I left the project to work in the loop for a few hours to be sure and we have same memory and CPU utilisation.

This is great for zero version for both sides and big macOS changes.

Another positive side, that I like a lot more builtin plugins than similar ones on the market, so I don’t have much need for other plugins,
which is invaluable for overall stability and performance.

At first I was scared that I would have to stay on the Mojave or Catalina which is not too much of a problem but this combo is my favourite so far.

I’m still testing and I’ll report here if there are major problems, but as I see it, they can be caused by older third party plugins with buggy and deprecated OpenGL api or who knows

I know I know, it’s time for a new mac but I like to see it work in impossible conditions first :slight_smile:

Running Cubase 11 on Big Sur(11.0.1)… everything working flawlessly on an oldschool Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014, i7, 16gigs RAM, MacBook Pro.

I think it Apple that need to certify it. At least if it not using class complaint driver that is provided by Apple.

I just bought cubase 11 right now and it doesn’t work on Mac mini with apple m1 cpu. there is a crucial graphical issue that makes the entire display with purple and nothing more.

this has been widely known, they are working on it. unfotunately we all have to use 10.5.2 on M1’s for now

Can i use cubase 10.5.2 owning cubase 11 license?

Yes. Lower versions are supported by the license.