Cubase 11 is near?

Cubase 11 is near??

how many time!!! ? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: im excited!

Is the time 2020-11-17 14:00 CET near?

You mean you can’t wait to beta test another half-baked update?. Who get’s this excited over a bucket load of new bugs? :confused:
Do I need to remind you that it is Steinberg we are dealing with here?


It’s not just Steinberg you’re dealing with, but all of the other hardware and software manufacturers, and their lack of consistent standards.


Steinberg is the least problematic software I have known over time… there are certain DAWs that have an endless list and never end up having bugs … but yeah I cant wait !

Well I too was excited for the first couple of updates. But then things changed when, at my amazement, the DAW had actually got worse.

You guys do know other DAWs have these issues too, right? Lol.

The same old discussion is here already. :laughing:

Haha, could we copy the threads that we could find around every release date since decades?

Just for the mere fun of it :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t expect anything before december (and probably later, thanks to the pandemic…). I’m more concerned, actually, about an eventual 10.5.30 update. :arrow_right:

That would be disappointing. I really enjoy the December Xmas update.

Same here, but well… In France, almost everything has stopped working during nearly two months. Don’t exactly know how things have been in Germany, but the whole thing surely hasn’t help for any task with a planned schedule.

My impression is that Steinberg have been very productive during lockdown.


I am hesitating whether to update now to 10.5 (I am currently on 10.0.6) or to wait for 11. My current version is running very well though.
Usually, the new versions are loaded with bugs so maybe the best way is to upgrade to 10.5 now and wait for 11.5 for the next upgrade…?

10.5 for me is the most advanced daw on the market. I think it’s amazing - overall. (Obviously qwirks here and there). So I must admit I am very excited for 11, as I completely can’t imagine where they will take this software next as it’s so high end as it is.

Dont you expect Covid-19 having a big impact on the release? Will they even be able to do a Cubase 11 this year? I dont think they can afford a quality disaster as 10.5 release and they need to add something “major” for new major release. But they also need keep up, Midi2.0 is a must even if it mostly rubbish. The performance on Mac need work, and now we get Mac with a different CPU vendor (Arm) but I guess that will wait is for cubase 11.5 Will we see VST4 for the Midi2.0? Then there will be a lot work to get the plugins in order too.

Come on down, C11!

just got time machine went to 2022,same discussion for cubase 12 (and there is covid 21 there )