Cubase 11 + M1 + OS11 Mac

Hi there
I’m thinking about bying a new Mac Mini with M1 processor and apple OS 11.
Will Cubase 11 run on that ?

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I found a Steinberg statement that said:

“ While many of our products are compatible with macOS Big Sur on Intel-based systems, please note that we cannot recommend using Apple Silicon-based systems for the time being until we have completed our tests or released updates to make our software and hardware compatible.”

Hope this helps!

If anyone out there has an M1 chip product then please spill the beans on how things are going.
Does Cubase even install or run? Does Native Instruments someone work.
Can the chip handle 50 tracks with reverb?

Dying to know.
Shame about the 16gig limit.

Aloha guys,


In the short term users will probably have to run Cubase thru
‘Rosetta 2’ (translation layer) thus taking a slight performance hit.

(For users working with REALLY BIG projects. this could be a MAJOR prob
but for casual/average users, probably not so much).

Don’t forget,
Mac Cubase users went thru this sort of transition before,
when going from PowerPC to Intel chips.

Back then ‘Rosseta 1’ seemed to work fine for most users and
I have read that Rosetta 2 is even better at this translation business.

Then over time Yamaha/Steinberg will build a ‘native’ M1 version of Cubase
which will restore all lost performance and maybe even give us a lil more.

Time will tell.


I think the tricky thing with rosetta is to get the dongle things working. And even if the performance people get with the new M1 and rosetta it’s big chance that real-time might suffer more that other part of the translations.

I have a Mac mini- intel version running Big Sur.
The only issue that I’ve had is that Groove Agent has graphical issues and doesn’t display properly.

Aloha Doingmybest,

Sounds like that’s an issue because you are using Big Sur with Cubase version 10.x
(This graphics issue might be fixed by you upgrading to C11).

This thread is about running C11 using the latest Mac silicon ‘puters.


Aloha C. Your points are so very true.

Especially ‘real time’. To me that is where the rubber meets the road.

That being said, we did get thru this the last time, so here is hoping that
it won’t be so bad this time.

And may it be even a lil better/smoother and faster this time.


Hi, I upgraded to C11 the same weekend that I upgraded to Sur… I haven’t changed my signature yet.
Point taken about the thread though.

On Pro Tools Experts, they discovered that you can’t use 2 different monitors with the M1 laptops. It only permits one extended desktop on top of the laptop display. Not a problem with the Mini since it has an HDMI output, something the laptops don’t have. I know that a lot of Cubase users like to have at least 2 displays so that could be a problem with that DAW.

Being a long time Apple user, I can only suggest to wait before jumping to the M1 platform. New architecture with Apple always unveil some “problems” as time goes by. Always better to wait for the second generation if you don’t absolutely need a new computer now. And about the value of Intel Macs, there will always be people needing to run Windows and macOS on the same machine so it’s not tomorrow that they’ll be worth nothing, unless Apple or Microsoft changes that.


I 've got Cubase pro 8.5 running on a Mac Mini with the M1-chip. It runs smooth (on Rosetta). No problem with the dongle. Only the graphics in the startup screen aren’t good. But when Cubase runs all looks en works fine.


How about any 3rd party plugins?

FabFilter is now supporting Apple Silicon natively on all products and formats.
Steinberg can not even make it clear if they are going to do it, and possible when.
Not even when it might be working with a apple rosetta translator or when we can have a beta to help them out.

Great news! mine will arrive in 2 weeks!

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Have Cubase 10, 10.5 and 11 running smooth on my M1 MacBook Air. Had some issues installing the new content, but other than that smooth sailing here for now. It runs circles around my 2016 15”MacBook Pro, which I think is quite impressive since it is not yet compiled for the m1. Have to hand it to Apple and Rosetta2.

Have not yet tried any large and heavy projects and have not yet used any non Strindberg plugins. That’s my Christmas holiday fun tasks.

I found this video

Native instruments and iZotope are ones that don’t really work well.

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How did you manage to install the elicenser?

I installed the latest Steinberg Download assistant, that also installed the latest version of the eLicenser. I verified that it was the latest version after installing so I have not tried to install the eLicenser directly.

I did not get RME usb card to work. No totalmix :frowning:

Thank you. I also have the ur28m soundcard. Do you have Any ideea if i need to buy another one or will work?