Cubase 11 - macOS Monterey officially supported

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We have finished our tests for Cubase 11 and macOS Monterey is now officially supported.

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Just got one of the new MacBook Pro’s 3 days ago and fired up Cubase. Works really really well even under Rosetta.


Please help who faced such a problem.
When working in Cubase 11 (the same problem was observed earlier in Cubase 10.5), during operation, in playback mode, the sound disappears with all indications, if you do not stop it, it appears after 5-10 seconds. It is very uncomfortable. ASIO-Guard is disabled, all running programs are disabled, nothing helps. Can someone give me some advice?

Hi, can someone help me on here with my soft license activation @Matthias_Quellmann

I´m having some issues with a macbook pro m1 chip… I´m using MacOs Monterey and any sound is coming through my laptop spakers or even with my audio interface. It´´s completely silent. Someone knows what´s happening ? I´ve never experienced such thing. Oh, i´m using cubase 10.5 by the way.
Thanks guys!

Make sure your audio interface is selected and also make sure your outputs are setup correctly (function F4 on Mac)

I had the same issue a sdehrocker. Not sure if it is linked to the M1 chip as it also happened to me on my old intel MBP when I switched between studio and mobile setups. I could always solve the issue by reconnecting everything again but today on my M1Max MBP I was unable to reconnect my build-in output. You see build-in in the Studio audio connections but it does connect when you click on it. The rather drastic solution to solve it was to reinstall Cubase 11 through the installation assistant. I have the impression that my preferences where maintained. Takes about 5 minutes, so not a huge issue but not very elegant.
I will now save each audio connection configuration I use as preset which may help to reconnect if the issue happens again.

I have a new MBP 14 M1Pro with Cubase LE11.
When I play songs (tried many), I listen anoying sound crackles but if I edit/record the same songs, the saved files sound clean if played on a external player.
Can you please help about this?

I have many problems with render in place and bounce offline (Kontakt mainly) , If I export in real time everything is ok, but all the offline proceses are a pain,
Nuendo 11 (Mac m1 max) Monterey

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Same issues on M1pro MBP with render in place, long sounds like cymbals get cut off regardless of the buffer size in Kontakt. I have yet to test this with other plugins so I don’t know if it’s just Kontakt or what.

Cubase 10.5 is not qualified for Monterey let alone the M1 chip.

Make sure you are selecting the driver in Cubase and make sure you have a simple stereo output pair in the connections window to test it. Check your AMS to see if you interface is showing up as well and select your driver/interface there for system sounds playback.

Did you set the TAIL in the Render window ?

Im using an unsupported OS patcher with a supported Cubase here and its fine.

My machine only works through Catalina per APPLE, sure.

Yes of course, I mean cymbals and long notes get cut off mid-performance, not at the end. if I render a 7 minute drum sequence most of the cymbals would be cut off.

I’ll take a closer look later with SD3 and BFD3, but I assume it’s a Kontakt thing, regardless of how I set Kontakt’s streaming buffer notes are cut off.


Hello when using Cubase 11 with MAC OS Monterey I can play but cannot record (no sound in), if I switch to Cubase 10,5 everything works fine.
Any idea from what it comes from?

  1. Make sure the MICROPHONE is enabled for use with C11 in OSX settings
  2. Im assuming you have selected your audio interface
  3. Im assuming you have at least an input buss pair in the connections

If Monterey is now supported how do I use Cubase without Rosetta running to take full advantage of the silicon?

You wait until 12 comes out which will be a native ARM app. :wink:

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sounds good I think? but what does that mean ? (sorry to sound dim Im just not informed).