Cubase 11 OS cursor disappears when writing in the tracks Notepad

When using the Notepad feature in a track as soon as you start typing and the caret starts blinking the OS cursor (in this case Windows 10) disappears and won’t show back unless the user press ESC on the keyboard or hover the mouse on something else other than Cubase.

The OS cursor (arrow) it is an element that should never disappear especially when is not strictly necessary and most of all when performing one of the most basic computer features: type some text in a box.

Please show the cursor when typing.


This is known, very old and already reported issue. Thank you.

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Hello Martin,

Thank you very much I was not aware of that.
I work as a Tool Programmer in a triple A game studio so I am very sensitive to this kind of issues and I cannot hold myself from reporting them :slight_smile:
Hope it gets fixed at some point!

I hope it won’t keep you from making great music, since it may have been around since the introduction of the Notepad to Cubase as you can see by the following Forum thread from the days of Cubase 8.5 :smiley:

p.s. As a programmer yourself, have you ever encountered bugs, that were known and documented, but just never made the top 100 list for any release? I have some background in software development myself, and I’ve definitely seen those kinds of things for every larger body of software I’ve ever worked on or product managed. I’ve got the funny feeling this bug is one of those. :crazy_face:

Well to be honest I am not surprised at all that there are bugs. I work in large code-bases in C# and C++ every day so I know how much it costs to maintain such stuff (we are talking of proprietary editor and game engine).

And I would not be surprised if a problem that seems so simple is in fact complex and requires large refactoring (maybe for the sake of implementing a notepad they had to make a special user control that as side effect has no way to show the cursor or maybe is some old legacy code that was not designed well from the start and no one wants to touch it). I mean everybody like easy wins, if this was one of them maybe would have been fixed 4 version ago :smiley:

And no this doesn’t prevent me to do my music, I get mad at some stuff that could be simpler or more standard but as this is just my hobby I do not have deadlines.

The only thing that makes me report all these issues is that this is indeed a commercial software, it is not the cheapest of the DAWs and 99% of the users are legit customers (no piracy) so I believe every voice in this forums should be heard (but I think they already do that).
I understand that a small feature is not what will make stand out the software in a marketing campaign but hey, there is ppl that pass hours and hours on tedious operations and those persons should have the same amount of love as the new user that feel appealed by the “brand new multiband EQ plugin”.
I keep upgrading because i love Cubase despite the tiny scrollbars, the layout that is not standard, the unresizable inspector panel, the inconsistency in shortcuts, the glitchy notepad and many other little things, small irritants that could make everyone’s life a little less sour.

I offered to give help to make this better and from what understood the forums are the only way to try and constructively “complain” about these “quirks”.

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