Cubase 11 Sampler Track - File Locations Still Broken [VIDEO ADDED]

Because fgimian’s steps is using files already located in the project folder, not across multiple drives/folders (since he mentions 4. Notice that the file is copied to the Audio folder of the project)

The point I am raising is the ability to safely archive your project and its samples, which might be in different locations. After ‘prepare archive’ the files are indeed copied to the project folder. However, when you re-load the project, the samples are loaded from their original location, not from the project folder. If at a later date the samples have been moved from their original location, you have missing samples.

I have spent hours campaigning for this to be fixed, along with many other people. It goes unheard. So I give up. I am wasting my time.

His scenario 2 seems to be what you are after no?

It may just be that you’ve discovered some slight order of process that results in an inconsistency and Steinberg isn’t getting what you’re doing.

Groove Agent SE is also a Basic insrument:)

basic or not, it operates how any VSTi/Sampler does - Global Directory, instead of Project Directory.

The point that’s being missed here is that when you archive a project all the project’s samples are copied to the project folder. Looking in the audio pool confirms that the files have been copied. However, when you re-load the project the new files location are lost and are loaded from the original file location.

Did you save?

There seems to be a variable of inconsistency between your steps and fgimians

So you’re saying, in regards to step#4, despite the Audio Folder (pool audio folder?) showing the file after archive, the file isn’t actually in the projects directory?

What happens if you prepare archive twice?

after some testing, I’m pretty sure you need to propose this as an intermittent pool based issue with Steinberg because…

Because on first try for me, dragging a file from desktop into Sampler Track and ‘Archiving Pool’ did not result in file copied to project directory from what I could see in pool (need to test if this is a visual/textual refresh problem, or if the file actually didn’t copy)

And then I closed Cubase, rebooted it, and tried again, and that time, same steps, it worked.

proof it does work ‘sometimes’

This is in Cubase 10 mind you.

But just to be clear, it didn’t work once, and then it did work once (after close/restart Cubase), and then it worked again (to create that GIF)

What needs to be tested when one of us gets it to - not - work again, is to figure out if it as an actual failure of Prepare Archive copy, or if it is just visual.

For what it’s worth, I did drag my file from an external drive and it did indeed seem to work, but it does appear that this problem is intermittent and occurs under more specific circumstances.

I managed to crash Cubase 11 many times while trying further experiments and also reproduced a somewhat similar problem.

The Pool in general, seems to become unstable the longer a project is open, and or the more files/edits/etc accumulate within an open session, and restarting Cubase seems to cure those instabilities.

For example, sometimes, ‘Empty Trash’ will soft crash Cubase for me (am still able to save/back up)

try the above double tests?

This step works every time for me. The problem is when you reload the project - it loads the file from the original location, not the project folder!!!

Are you sure??? Are you saving the project?

Wondering if this might be a mac specific problem.

because I’m pretty certain when I did the above test ^, that the project opened back up fine after I had deleted the original file.

OK, so I made a video to show you the problem. It can be reproduced 100% of the time on any of my three systems. It has been this way since Sampler were introduced. It has been confirmed many time in the past by other users. Please watch the video:

Okay okay, I’ve now duplicated problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if Steinberg just weren’t able to duplicate your issue (?)

I also found a workaroumd, see gif3

Problem Duplicated

Problem diverted via orig file deletion (not a solution)

Workaround fix - redrag file in from pool

another workaround, is, if you are using your method in the video of dragging to tracks first - just make sure you prepare archive before you load into sampler track.

Thanks for the time to look at this, @lovegames. I have my own workarounds, but we shouldn’t have to think about re-linking files at the end of every day. Remembering where files are located is such a basic function of computing. It’s a joke that Steinberg can’t seem to implement this.

Oh I don’t disagree - the whole concept of the SamplerTrack is about thoughtless immediacy, so having to correct for this problem is pretty counter-productive and negating.

I’m going to take a wild guess, that they didn’t understand your problem or weren’t able to duplicate it - hopefully the videos and gifs help!

Steinberg acknowledge the issue 2 years ago and reproduced it. They just haven’t fixed it. So much for "Creativity first’.