Cubase 11 Sampler Track - File Locations Still Broken [VIDEO ADDED]

Good to know, thanks

Thanks to new lockdown i have time on a Friday night to chime in.

Sampler tracks really were half baked regarding storage destination options. I was very suprised to see that slicing has been added which was something I mailed into support as a request (as well as others I’d imagine)

But genuinly not all suprised that file location options have not been added or sorted…Steinberg do have a habit of not sorting things that wind up users.

Personally i still use sampler tracks but never drop samples staight into a sampler track. Any sample used goes into a single dedicated ‘Cubase Sampler tracks’ folder.

But of course this makes sure i know where all the samples are but at the same time defeats the whole purpose of a fast sampler track workflow.

Come on…do better.

Maybe when i try V11 in 6 months or a year it might be sorted?

Dear sir/Ma’am, Please help me with Cubase 11 sampler track. I can not transfer my samples to the new instrument > HALion as the option itself is not visible. The only visible options are groove agent and padshop

I’m not disputing the findings here in anyway but it does raise a question for me.

I have a drive for Projects and once I have ‘finished’ a Project, or certainly fairly regularly, I copy the entire folder for that Project to a separate Backup drive. I always save the Cubase Project file to the same Project Folder.

Whenever I have had cause to go back to the Project File on the Backup drive everything (including Sampler Tracks) open fine with the files opening from the backup drive.

My question is then what is the point of the Archive function? I have used Cubase in its various releases for about 25 years and never used it!

Backups & archive will work fine if all sampler track files are in/from the project folder. If you have ‘copy audio files to project folder’ preference enabled you will not have any issues. Problems arise when you make sampler tracks with files from outside the project folder. If those files still exist in their original location you won’t have issues opening backups. It only becomes an issue when they have been moved/renamed etc.

I don’t think that’s true, that preference is only for when you are using actual file menu ‘Import’ or ‘Import Tracks From Project’

I don’t think that preference applies if you are drag & dropping from say Desktop or another project or projects pool, because I have those preferences enabled and reproduced this problem via drag & drop from desktop (On Win7 Cubase10)

It does apply to samples imported through drag & drop here on Mac OS. Perhaps there’s some difference between OSes?

… I can confirm the bug and will have a look to it.

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THanks for validating

essentially it appears SamplerTrack is internally/in the background stuck looking at the original file location unless the original file in the location is deleted, then it looks to the new location. It does not remember the new project location replacing the old location unless you manually replace it by re-dragging the file in from the pool after archive.

I can confirm this.

Really nice that you have kept bringing this up again and again Steve, thanks to you Steinberg listened. :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

let’s hope it’s an easy fix and makes it into first patch!

Nice one.

Hurraaaaaaah! Thank you.

… it has been fixed. Are there more reported bugs in this thread here?

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related to sampler track? I haven’t seen any…

…I found a MIDI Insert Auto LFO bug that is probably ancient :smiley:

Fabulous news! Nope, all good for this thread. Thank you.

This is great news. Thanks