Cubase 11 Sampler Track - LOVE [updated]

Loving the new slice & dice approach, and ability to drag the corresponding MIDI file into the arrange page. OK, so StylusRMX was able to do this 10 years ago, but it’s a useful addition nonetheless!!!

However, it is still blighted by the terrible bug that does not save file locations correctly.

I’ve loaded a project from 10.5 with existing sampler tracks. Form here I prepare archive in the audio pool and all the samples are copied to the project folder. Save Project. When loading this project (where all samples should load from the project folder) it STILL loads samples from their original file location. Of course, this is a nightmare when recalling projects at a later date if folders have been moved or renamed, etc. When will Steinberg get this fixed?

This has been a problem since the beginning of time itself, well sampler tracks…


glad to hear that problem was fixed

This is the main attraction for me. Looking forward to checking it out.

so it backs up, saves audio to project now?

I spoke too soon. No it is STILL broken. I posted here:


16 years ago last week :slight_smile:. (I have a plaque commemorating the release date on my office wall :slight_smile:).