Cubase 11 / Win10 - FabFilter plugins automatically change window size when reopened


I’ve ran into the issue with Cubase 11 (11.0.10 as well) Pro and the latest version (Dec 8, 2020) of VST3 FabFilter plugins on Win 10.

The plugin window shrinks in size when it is closed and opened again with the “E” button on a plugin name.

I’ve tested Pro-Q3, Pro-C2 and Pro-L2, they all behave like that.

I thought this might be fixed by enabling “Allow window to be resized” option in Cubase, but it’s not present for FabFilter plugins.

Here are my settings:

  • Cubase has HiDPI mode turned on.
  • I have two displays in use, 1440p and 1080p, each with 125% scaling set in Windows settings.
  • In Windows compatibility DPI settings for Cubase I’ve set Scaling is performed by Application, otherwise the text in Cubase 11 is displayed blurry.

Here’s the video with the demonstration of the issue and with all the DPI related settings:

This doesn’t happen with Cubase 10 (I have it installed in parallel) with the exact same settings.

I can confirm the problem with Cubase 11.0.10, but I don’t know if this is a Cubase or a fabfilter problem. This problem I have only with 115% scaling enabled.
If I set the scaling to 110% or disable the scaling, the problem is gone.

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If you are on Windows try setting as shown in attachment. Right click on Cubase 11 icon and open properties.


Hey, CWS, thanks for the suggestion.

I tried and despite it’s being a solution for the auto-size change issue for FabFilter plugins it makes text and UI elements in Cubase all blurry, I can’t use it like that, it makes me uncomfortable in the eyes in the long run.

Here are the screenshots to compare:
Scaling setting set to “System”
Scaling setting set to “Application”

I see what you mean. It’s definitely blurry. Hopefully someone else will chime in with a suggestion.

An update:

Got a response from FabFilter team member here: FabFilter User Forum - [BUG] Cubase 11 / Win10 - FabFilter plugins automatically change window size when reopened, he says that this seems to be a bug in Cubase 11.

So, now we’re waiting for the answer from Steinberg representative.

According to Steinberg, the new update 11.0.20 will allow to choose the scaling in Cubase independently from Windows scaling. Hopefully this will fix this issue as well.

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Just found out, not only FabFilter plugins behave like that.
Melda’s MBassador and MRhythmizer also shrink in size when their window is closed and opened again. Seems like the issue is present when plugin allows free window resizing.

TDR Plugins as well. They have a stepped resize option in their settings (100% - 125% - 150%).
Also Certain JST Plugins are shown distorted and they are not resizable as far as I know.

The fix for plugins which are not freely resizable as TDR and JST is to use this: Cubase 11: Using DPI-unaware plug-ins on Windows – Steinberg Support.

Unfortunately there is no fix for Fabfilter-like plugins, this option is completely missing there.

We are working on a fix for resizable plug-ins not reopening with the same size. Hopefully for the next update.

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I have the same issue with any scaling above 110%. I think it applies to the Export/Audio Mixdown window as well - it was not scaling properly and the Export button was ‘off screen’ in the lower part of the window. I had to resize the window each time I opened it so that the Export button became visible. This is not an issue at 110% scaling.

Thank you! It’s very helpful!

Welp. didn’t fix anything, Pro-Q3 still shrinks in size everytime I close and open its window.
125% scaling set systemwide in Windows settings.

Our team is in contact with Fabfilter and we are working on a solution for the next maintenance update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Any ETA on this? The issue is here since Jan, it’s not acceptable for a paid professional software to have a turnaround for THIS long.

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Also, Melda products are doing the exact same thing. Very frustrating to say the least.

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Woohoo, seems like it’s finally fixed in v11.0.30. Thanks!

Sadly not fixed for me. Pretty much all my VSTi’s are small but I can fix the sizes - except the FabFilter ones. There’s no resize option anywhere. There’s just “normal” and “wide” but that just adds width to the keyboard in the PlugIn.
I’m on Cubase 11.0.30 (Trial) with a 4k screen. No problem with Cubase 10.5.

Sorry to hear that. Does this happen for all FF plugins? I recall that Normal/Wide size option is a thing for their Timeless 2 & Volcano plugins, but it has always been that way. Are Q3, C2, L2 behaving the same?

Not fixed for me either (September 2021)