Cubase 11 working

Has ANYONE actually got Cubase 11 working?


yes installed perfectly fine first thing this morning, zero issues

Yes , very happy with it , the only bug i can find is having to reset manually the Big meter but apart from that it’s bloody marvelous , you’ll enjoy it , i would even go as far to say that it could be the most stable .0 release yet

Be patient , it’s worth it

I got it working finally…

haven’t had a crash yet :slight_smile:

still underwhelmed though - this is a ‘point’ release not a full version release.

Each to their own but tell me where in the audio world of plugins can you buy an 18 meter plugin totally resizable and customizable for £85 ? Shall we talk about all the othe features . Yes 18 different meters

Works awesomely here. No issues. Easy peasy on a Mac.

Honestly, this update had a lot more than Ableton’s. Their biggest feature was comping and it’s still tucked under a menu.

The new plugins are replacing some 3rd party vsts for me.
The sampler update is actually usable.
The batch export/stems I’ll be using very often.
Scale assistant and snap live input? Replaces at least 2 or 3 vsts for me.
Dynamic EQ - yes!
Squasher aka native OTT - pretty cool
Imager - the more visual tools the better
and for some reason this wasn’t mentioned but has been asked for YEARS… trackpad/magic mouse scrolling/zoom support

A few of these equivalent 3rd party VSTs are worth more than $100 so…
Ableton’s update list is a good amount smaller and double the price but oh well…


Yes, it’s working very well here.

Well I already had all of these areas covered by other (better?) plugins. And what I really care about is CORE functionality and bug fixes. The plugins are nice but not vital.

Look at the wish list - nobody was asking for updated plugins, just core functions…and this release doesn’t have a huge amount of value in that area.

I’m not even complaining about the price - I’ve given SB tens of thousands over the years…I’m saying I was expecting more, much more. Maybe it’s covid but I think this is the weakest ‘feature’ release that I can remember.

So does anyone use processor with more than 14 physical cores (28 with hyperthreading) and can verify that cubase can now use them without descending into pop and click hell?

I note: not a single comment addressing hyperthreading so far, anywhere on the forum. Correct me if Im wrong, but cubase handles multicore the same in 11 as 10.5 on both OS? Or is “metal” the apple solution, but windows users are ignored? Or…?

This issue will be documented by steinberg as resolved, or will be documented by steinberg as impossible to resolve (due to 3rd party blocking) and affected hardware platforms will be listed in pre-sales areas where users and new users can view them before buying a new license, or I will not be investing in another cubase license.

edit: I see a thread discussing cpu performance and ht, but it sounds like only the mac platform received any sort of benefit to that area. I cant really tell, and I dont see windows users talking of any improvements there…

I had a hard time getting the license right (due to the expectable server overload) but everything else was clean as a whistle: fast download, clean installation and first boot. Good experience so far, it feels smoother than 10.0.60, no crashes, all plugins loaded correctly, and I have way too many junk, including old 32bit stuff running through jBridge. Good job Steinberg, now take a look at my feature requests, especially the triplet grid snap, that’s a 10 year old request, c’mon guys, it’s about time :wink:

this is such a biggie yet no one talks about it!

I had the initial problem of getting the software to activate and temporarily losing my Cubase 10.5 license. But after having to try several times to restore my license keys I succeeded and now Cubase 11 is licensed and installed. Definitely the worst terrible experience I have ever had licensing any software.

Given how few people can get the software activated, you can’t expect many to be talking about it. Most users don’t hang out on web forums, either.

fair enough

I think communication or the lack thereof is what is making a lot of users/customers frustrated. I use this as a tool to provide for a family, I depend on this to be reliable, support accessible, continued updates on issues. I hope for a prompt and at least some type of transparency. I felt Matthias’ statement was more in line with “ha look at us we sold too many copies, sorry mates for the inconvenience” - Dead Silence… not what I would expect from a company that which product I relied on using since the early '90s. Well until then, it’s time to dust of logic and tinker more in bitwig (which by the way is amazing)…

Gosh! STill not working after nearly 8 hours of attempted activations…

Last night (Germany) I got the license finally to my dongle.
Installation of the core application so far no problem. But with all the extracted components I struggled to understand which I should install (I downloaded the full installation package and the update which ended up in the same folder of course). Since they do not have a central installer routine you have to pick your EXE and soundset manually and trial and error. I looked in Cubase 10.5.20 which version Padshop, Halion SE, Groove Agent SE and Retrologue had and then I knew that I better install all of them (guess they are now also updated for Cubase 10.5(?).

Appreciate separated content and VSTi but there should be an installer helping a dump user to know what to install to keep his new version up to date.