Cubase 12.0.2 - Faulty!

Updated from 12.0.0. to 12.0.2. Didn’t even start. Uninstalled it and tried again. Third try…it ran but could not export audio. Unistalled it again and went for 12.0.0 which is stable on my Intel i7/Win10.

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Have you installed it to the system C drive, please? Have you installed it as administrator, please?

Did you get any DMP file when you couldn’t start it? Or what happened exactly?

Why you couldn’t Export Audio? What happened exactly?

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Somehow the setup/update finally worked. Another problem problem popped up. When downmixing I get “Unexpected error” when trying to export audio to the desktop. Addressing another place on any of my drives it works. Strange bug?!


Desktop is not a good folder. Very often it has restricted permissions.

OK…? I’ve been on Cubase since 1998. Never any problem with exporting to the desktop before v12.0.20 :unamused:


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In this case running the setup as administrator doesn’t fix the error.

Having the same problem over here, just installed the update 12.0.2 an now every project says ‘unexpected error’ when I try to export it to WAV. Im using W10 and Intel I9.

My workaround for now: I uninstalled Cubase manually and installed 12.0 and the 12.0.1 update. Would be nice if there was a rollback / downgrade functionality in the download assistant.


Do you get a DMP file? Can you attach it, please?

No DMP file. Just “Unexpected error” and the export window re-appears.

@rencsz Mixdown to another location than Desktop works, though really annoying! Anyways; where did you find the 12.0.10 version? I can no longer find it at I’d like to try it :smiley:

Ha Ha!

@steve Well, I’m on Windows 10 Version 21H2 (i7, x64) but the problem with not being able to export audio to the desktop remains. (Every other path except C:…/desktop is OK). This nags me to the core :crazy_face:

Ah, I had it somewhere in the download folder of Steinberg Download Assistant,C:\Users<username>\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64

Cubase 12 performs aweful! The performance meter is going all over the place even on a very small project that not is playing. It was no problems 2 days ago.
C11 works absolutely fine…

And that is totally nonsens. Desktop folder is part of the user profile folder and is setup with same permissions like documents etc. It is just a way to point away from issues with applications.
I could agree it One Drive is in use (Cloud profile and storage for instance), then it may come to odd situations but only if it was incorrectly setup. I am working with Windows machines in my job and since Windows 3.11 (I know these days there were no such things as Desktop) and had never permission issues with local “Desktop”.


All my problems with 12.0.2 and 12.0.3 seems to have disappeared with the release of 12.0.4. Good job Steinberg! :+1:

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