Installation Instructions?

Hi Martin,

Is it recommended (vs. not recommended) you install it as administrator?

Is there one place that has all the install instructions?

Thank you!

see Cubase 12 doesn't work - #9 by Martin.Jirsak?

Yup, thanks for that correction, that’s what happens when not keeping track of things like I should! :blush:

Being the helpful guy you are, and assuming as a mod that you know the answer, how about a little help please with the second question in the same post:


Hi @steve , wondering why, when you split this out as a separate topic, you didn’t also post the link to the latest official Steinberg Cubase 12 install instructions?

Was i wrong about how helpful you might be, vs that as a mod you would know where the official Steinberg install instructions are, vs some other reason?

Thanks in advance for clarifying!