Cubase 12.0.20 slow export on Mac M1

I have installed C12 on my brand new iMac M1 and unfortunately the export of files (audio mixdown) takes incredibly long. It takes me ca. 2 minutes to expert an 18 minutes audio file. Just audio, nothing complicated. I had no such problems with C11 on my five-year-old intel-based MacBook.

Do you know if Cubase is running in Rosetta mode? If you are running native and you have intel plugin’s saw somewhere that can slow things up. I just have a new M1 MacBook Pro M1 Pro and so far so good. Did you get 16G of ram? How many tracks? How may plugins? Maybe it is a plugin that is causing the issue.

If you go into Activity Monitor (spotlight search activity) you might be able to see what is holding it up.

Anyway, hope this helps and you get it sorted out.

Hi, Cubase is running native. Yes, I do have 16 GB ram. I had installed Waves’ “DeBreath” plugin, but deinstalled it, as I could not really make use of it. Just now, I have 13 tracks and it took nearly five Minutes to export just one of those tracks (a 25 Minute file) in .mp3. This can’t be the way it is supposed to be, can it?

Take a look at the bigger thread over here, the issues seems to show up when exporting to a different sample rate than the one you are working on in your project, thats why it most probably did not affect everyone.

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