Cubase 12.0.20 Third Party VST Plugin GUI display issues


noticed that with the latest Cubase Pro Version (12.0.20 Build 263) some third party VST3 plugin GUIS are displayed in a oversized window.

Native Instruments FX plugins:

Some Plugin Alliance plugins (not all):

My system:
Cubase Pro Version 12.0.20 Build 263
Windows 10 Pro 21H2 Build 19044.1645 - System screen resolution 125 %
Eizo 2K Wide Screens (2560x1440px)

Anyoneelse having those issues? Not a big problem, but looks stupid and uses too much screen space.



Same issue here and same win version. Not sure which one to blame?

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same issue with cubase 12.0.20 on MacOS 11.6.5

same here, using the same system config like Honeyhill but no scaling (100%) in Windows.

Same here

the GUI of **VE PRO is taking really long to open
Keyscape just crash CUBASE

Me too.

Workaround for me: Click on QC (Quick Controls) button on right top of the plugin windows twice.

I get the same thing here.

It is a known issue, and as posted here by Steinberg staff should be fixed in the next (12.0.30) update.

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thanks for the reply!