Strange framework in some plugins

After upgrading to the latest version of Cubase, Plugin Alliance SSL Plugins appear with this strange frame. is this going to be like this??? or what am I missing???

just from the website

Didn’t notice anything with PA plugins. Is this when you open an old project or when opening a new instance?
Have you tried setting the size of the plugin back to 100%? Maybe it’s a scaling issue.

It looks like you’ve set your plugin to scale to 75%. See if it’s more accurate at 100%?
The VST UI interface isn’t that great at communicating/agreeing on size of windows between host and plugin, when the plugin tries to change its size.
Some vendors (cough native instruments cough) “solve” this by simply not resizing/scaling their plugins, which is even worse…

Note that some vendors have managed to make this work okay. XO window scaling works great, for example! So, Plugin Alliance is likely doing something a little different, and the window sizes end up not quite matching up.

Note that Cubase will always have SOME window framing around the plugin, because it implements host-level bypass, patch save/restore/compare, automation read/write, and so on.

Both situations

This is a Nightmare!!!

Guys it does that since 12.0.10
Sometimes it adds empty space around the plugin GUI for absolutely no reason.
Also I have noticed in Cubase 12 (.0.0) that very small plugins were causing the buttons and the preset bar to squeeze on each other instead of adding a second line, so much that some buttons weren’t clickable anymore and the preset bar was cut in half.
When 12.0.10 came out I came to the conclusion that they added automatic space on smaller plugins so the window buttons could stay evenly spaced and accessible.
The fact that it also does this on large plugins is a mystery.
Jokes apart, it’s a bug and it needs to get fixed.


My honest opinion is that I am really tired of the fact that every time there are updates (every 3 months) they destabilize the operation of the program, and when they are serious errors, they don’t even bother trying to correct them. it’s so frustrating…

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No, that’s not correct. On my system, all plugins look correct.

Could you (@Louis_R and @Pablin_Drummer ) provide some information about your system?
What are your HiDPI settings? Which resolution do you use?

I can imagine that it has something to do with graphics hardware.

I’m getting this on a Mac Pro 2013 running Catalina. I appreciate that Catalina isn’t an officially supported OS for Cubase12.

Pretty sure it’s that, as the plugins that didn’t have the QC and snapshot buttons pre update, are the only ones which open with the extra borders now. For me, anyway.

I know this as I never had thumbnails for those plugins previously. (i.e. NI’s Super 8).

I have the same problems. It is present with many Native Instruments plugins like Replika, Super 8, etc - not Kontakt. I have had the same with other plugins like Omnisphere. I have GUI problems with stuff from Cableguys, Sonnonx, and Oeksound which “chokes” Cubase if you have more than 1 instance open at a time.

I did think it was the HIDPI -25% setting that caused the strange size of the window - just tested it at windows default and disabled - and the results are the same

It is a recent thing, I think it happened in the latest update.

I have an AMD graphics card and computer, dunno why do some have it and some don’t - I also have an intel laptop which doesn’t have these problems

I use a laptop, not hidpi. Very basic system.w11,
I7 2760,intel hd4000,8Gb of RAM. In V12 0.0 works fine.

started happening with the 12.0.10 update


Yes! update,new nightmares,new bugs…

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Problem goes away once the show\hide QC button is pressed

Problem goes away once the show\hide QC button is pressed

yes that works for me

Where is that setting located ?

It’s a Cubase bug, not a system/hardware problem…

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Only for that visible session though, if you close and re-open the window it’s back to the extra width.

I’m pretty sure it’s an attempt to get the QC controls to display, but they knew it brought this bug so maybe didn’t document it to test the water? :slight_smile:

There must be something in those few plugins that the developer isn’t correctly qualifying to the vst standard, perhaps?

Top right, as per screenshot: