Cubase 12.0.30 maintenance update available

June 8, 2022 – The Cubase 12.0.30 maintenance update is now available. The update introduces some improvements to the performance, stability, and also a lot of fixes and enhancements in other areas of the application.

The update can be downloaded in the Steinberg Download Assistant and on the support pages:
Cubase 12 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

Please have a look at the release notes for all details:
Cubase 12 Release Notes | Steinberg

If you are still experiencing performance issues after the installation of Cubase 12.0.30, please let us know here: Cubase 12.0.30 performance issues - #3


Hello @Markus_Staudt nice to see a new face from Steinberg here.
Thanks for the details, look forwards to trying this later.


Ohhh ,fresh meat :grin: :joy:
Hello Markus
Nice to meet you .

Just installed>30 and it seems to be working ok , for me anyway :+1:

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I posted this on another thread, but thought this has to be posted also here:

This update has fixed quite some issues for me. I am happy.
I had some spikes and crackles in certain projects with certain virtual instruments (KONTAKT, MODO Bass, etc) and they are gone now. Additionally some other stupid little bugs were fixed too (slow scrolling in variaudio, timeline change when switching between the new freewarp tool and others, Adding warp markers to multiple selected events).
Cannot say anything about the “Crash on exit” bug yet, but we will see if thats working!

Thank you Steinberg! Keep it up!

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Any good reason to completely remove Midi logical presets and Midi logical editor from Cubase Elements?
They used to be there until version 12.0.10.

The following issue still persists after the patch, see screenshot:

Plug-in blank space issues

When opening and working with plug-ins, blank spaces could appear to the left/right side of the plug-in panel. We addressed this issue in this maintenance update.

EDIT: once you grab the bottom right corner of the plugin and resize the window, the blank spaces dissapear, but each time you open a new plugin instance, they appear again.

This is a bug with realizable VST 3 plugins when HiDPI is enabled, explained here, nothing to do with the blank spaces issue, this latter has been fixed.

I’m getting ‘‘No valid License Found’’ message after updating :unamused:

If you downloaded the update manually, please ensure you have the latest version of Steinberg Activation Manager from here:


Updated today, worked flawlessly using W10 21H2, could open and save all my older projects without any issue so far, performance is good too! I could note many of the improvements listed.

Thank you Steinberg!


fixed thank you :slight_smile:

It is nice to see a new face! but… Is Matthias gone? :frowning:

Good Question !

Matthias hasn’t gone - he’s just away attending NAMM.


Phewwwwww , that’s good to hear :joy:

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So far so good. Performance is improved on my system. (Less drop-outs)

Are there more details on the ‘stability issues with network drives’ that this update addresses?

I’ve been having enough random lockups with Cubase 12 that I’ve reverted to 11 for the time being, but it occurs to me that this might be the problem I’m having, as my local project files are mounted from a network server (and have been for many years without issues).

I have had just one issue since update----------

I have a 20 track song and i was moving from end of song back to beginning and after pressing the double back arrow nothing happened, and things froze as i could not close program.
I could though move back to the start using my Steinberg CC 121 controller and still play song.
I closed program using Task manager and restarted, but since then all ok for the time being.

Ask him for me .“Is there a New Yamaha Genos or is it the Korg”!!

According to the wiki page initiated by @Louis_R (excellent job btw!), a few of the issues that were collected by the forum members have been solved, but others haven’t.
If there are further issues that have been solved with 12.0.30, it would be great if people checked there and set the respective entries to solved.

Regarding the unsolved ones, it would be really nice to hear from Steinberg what they are going to do about them and if we can expect for them to be fixed with the next maintenance updates.