Cubase 12.0.40 maintenance update available

I take it bypassing an insert effect causes the same issue?? I just noticed some pops in a project I was working on earlier. Doesn’t happen every time but it happens when I stop and rewind back to the beginning of the project. I happened to notice the track that is popping is the only track that has an effect automated on it. I’ve got a filter that ‘turns on’ and does some sweeps at different spots and after reading your post, I’m guessing its the bypass going on and off doing it? I have the automation points literally set on top of one another for an instant on/off but I can always shift em a bit I suppose.

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Anyone seeing a strange behavior with the status line at the top. (Window Zones, Open/Hide Status Line) Seems to open up randomly. I have a key command to close it but it opens up with you open up an existing project or even saving it.

Yes I’m experiencing this as well.

Yes, but this already happens with 12.0.30 here. So it is not new.

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Note lanes on the key editor do not line up with the key editor keyboard:

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It’s the keyboard that isn’t lined up, as the grid lanes are spaced evenly.
However this isn’t a new issue, it has been like this for a very long time.

Could you please post this in a new topic ?

I’ve only just noticed it since this update

updated from 12.0.30. I had to do a lot of nonsense because of an update.
This is ridiculous.

PC Windows 10 latest build.

Cannot confirm this. Everything is lined up.
For other issues I removed preferences folder.

It clearly isn’t but whatever. That’s just a very minor issue.

Just updated from 12.0.30 to 12.0.40 yesterday and had my first crash today. I had 2 MassiveX instances loaded and an instance of Odin2. Mello-Fi Effect and Shaperbox on one Instrument. Mac Studio Ultra

A crash report was sent via the system crash report tool.

I’ll keep an eye on this. If this happens more frequently, I’ll have to revert back to 12.0.30 for now

I’ve had my first crashes after updating as well (since I started at 11.0). No rhyme or reason to it, just working on a couple projects, not even playing back audio, and out of nowhere BAM, crash and close. One of them crashed after adjusting one of the channel strip EQ’s, don’t even think I had any third party plugs involved yet.

Sent both of my reports in as well, couldn’t find anything in the error logs about a plugin or anything specific that caused it. The last one I saw had something that made me think it was a graphics issue (something to do with missing raster data?). Right around the time 12.0.40 came out, I had switched out my RX570 in my eGPU with a 5500XT so maybe it doesn’t like the new card? Maybe its the GPU acceleration? Haven’t had it happen since earlier this week though, made it through mixing both songs the other day without any incidents. But then again, there was no warning or indication when it crashed before. It literally just did it out of nowhere on me.

First time EVER ive had to do this , reverted back to 12.0.30 due to not being able to open a project i was working on with all the plugin’s ON , for me .40 is an 8th of the Asio meter worse in performance , the project i have been running has been running at about seven 8ths of the meter but in .40 it pegs out , will not even run unless i disable certain plugins

Did you fix mixdowns taking 2-3 times as long as they should do?

Since I’m following all theses bad experiences from other users, I decided to do not update to 12.0.40.
This MIDI offset quantization behavior plus some users experiencing higher CPU loads than 12.0.40, are enough reasons, for me don’t update at all. In fact if I do that I would be actually downgrading instead of updating, at least for my needs.
12.030 is running great so far, some crashes here and that but not a big deal.
I’ll wait for the next update.

Switched to M1 MBP from old Intel-based Mac
Now low latency performance is not so bad, but I still see random spikes on ASIO meter. Will try to compare LLP behaviour with C11 which isn’t installed on a new Mac yet
Today I’ve got really strange bug. After importing a bunch of tracks with groups, fx, etc. from other project, these tracks became silent: no sound from each of them

And sometimes C12 crashes. Much more often, then on my old Mac

@AntonVorozhtsov to complicate things the C11 performance meters do not show the same thing as the C12 performance meters.

I think C11 is like an average of processing used at any given point and the newly designed C12 shows real time audio processing which is not the same. They look the same but they are not.

There is a post on here from C12 Devs that explains it better than I ever could.

C11 shows real-time performance in dedicated Performance Meter window. And it was waaaay more calm on my old MBP in C11 as LLP itself, I could monitor dozens of tracks with processing on minimal buffer size. In C12 it was unreal

In my case after update to 12.04.40 the software Cubase Pro crashes at opening almost everytime! Each time I have to force quit the programm and start once more. Sometimes it crashes two times in
a row. I am on Win 10 64 bit. This is a nightmare! I have never have a single issue with Cubase Pro 11 - not a single issue! I cannot work normally with version 12.