Cubase 12.0.40 maintenance update available

Sadly still no fix for the most annoying issue I have at the moment

i mean, this was working in 11… how long can it take to fix?? I do hope this will get fixed in another maintenance update and not only in 12.5 or later…

are you running Mac silicon? You might have to check the - run in rosetta - box again

Yes i can confirm this on Win 10 as well ,after quantising the editor behaves correctly but the main project page stays off bar

Are going to have to wait months for the next release to have this very annoying midi note issue sorted out ?


After the update it wont even open for me now. Details posted under a new topic, so to not overload this initial announcement of the new .40 release.

Error: Skin file “skin” not found!

Did not work

In that case, start a new topic for your issue, please.

Great and all, but I wish you would fix the issue with Komplete Kontrol S keyboards and Cubase. Any other DAW, I just load up a Komplete Kontrol track and I can use the dials and the lightguide on the Keyboard. In Cubase, not so much. It always loads up with MIDI information on the screen. Yes it’s an easy fix by disabling and re-enabling the track to put it in vst instrument mode, but c’mon guys! There are so many posts out there with this issue, and it’s been going on for years. I don’t know about anybody else, but I would like to easily use the functionality of my $800 keyboard.

Well i thought id post here again as my comment got flagged and deleted in the midi issue thread

Fix needed for the Midi note Asap please


Looks like 12.0.40 has a gap that is causing my loop to play incorrectly.

I tried selecting and re-selecting and moving loop points but there is this gap that causes a playback issue making this unusable. I cannot move the lop markers any further to the left and my volume automation does not work like it should.


I don’t think there was a gap in previous updates. Please fix. Thank you!

There is a loud pop when it cycles around. How can something like this get past QA???

The gap between “0” and the first beat isn’t new. That’s been there for many years.

Volume automation functions the same as it did in 12.0.30. If there’s a sharp value change caused by a loop (like instantly going from 0dB to -25dB), there can be an audible pop. I believe this is caused by the new sample accurate Volume automation. That can probably be improved upon.

To get around this, please automate the VST Instrument’s internal volume controls instead. For example, in Halion Sonic SE 3 you should automate Halion Sonic SE > Slot 1 > S1 Volume, and so on.

Thank you for the update. I will give that a try over the weekend.

Tried this update hoping it might fix crashes for me. Unfortunately, it seems to have broken my Cubase entirely. It doesn’t even launch anymore. :confused:

Strange that the new updates have the new bugs which we haven’t before… Sadly… waiting another update and skip this one… Thanks

Alex, the 11th version was brilliant! Why we upgraded to 12? Just to have dongle free that needs dongle to use anything else that still isn’t dongle free. After a half of year since 12 released we don’t have Halion 6, Dark Planet and others the same dongle free to enjoy real dongle free, why we upgraded at all. But it seems that we moved from bug free version to bug incubator.

What happened to Project Logical Editor? It was good in 12 until .40 update.


Maybe you should tell us what issue you’re having, because nobody else has mentioned any issues with the PLE after updating to 12.0.40 so far.

Honestly all my main projects is still in Cubase 11. I I am agree about the dongle free. Will be great to have it really free… But for me - it’s better to have a dongle and Cubase 11 than Cubase 12 at this moment… I really like the new Midi remote of Cubase 12 and really like the new things in Cubase 12 as well but it’s really buggy at this moment :frowning:


Okay, I will test more and create a post later for this.
Shortly, 1) loaded presets work only once; 2) Enable Track operation is only in presets stored, not in a selection list of track operations. Those two arise to me while I was checking Waves plugins someone here mentioned that his licenses lost.

Thank you so much for this update.

It completely resolved the issue I had. Namely the ‘horizontal object’ malfunction in score editor.

Also, on my system, the performance of Cubase Pro 12 is unbelievably improved. I know some people have problems, but luckily I have no problem in terms of performance.

Thank you so much again. I appreciate your hard work.



This evening I installed 12.0.40 on both our iMacs. Everything went well, no issues here. In fact, on our newest 2020 iMac Cubase Pro appears to perform even better on 12.0.40. Our 2015 iMac performs about the same as it did before the update.

Thanks to the development and beta test team for all your hard work.