Cubase 12.0.40 maintenance update available

Ah, many thanks!

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Why does it say “ROSETTA 2” when loading?

In short words, Rosetta 2 is a software that emulates an Intel CPU on the Apple M1 Silicon CPU.

This allows you to run programs that are built for Intel Macs on the new M1 or M2 system.

@m203 if you have an M1 you have to go to the Cubase Apps icon and right click. Then select ‘Get Info’ then tick the Rosetta box. Now open Cubase 12, now close Cubase 12.

Now go back to the icon Get Info tab and untick Rosetta. Now Cubase will open in M1 native mode.

Remember its the Apps C12 icon not the desktop icon you need to right click on.

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where is the app’s C12 icon located ?

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@m203 if you go into finder you will have an apps tab. In there.

If you do not see it then when you open finder go to the top of the screen and find the ‘Go’ and applications is in that list near the end.

ok thank you

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I am still on the last update and i am concerned about everythng not lining up on the grid.
If that is a problem, how long will that take to be fixed?
One thing i will say is that Support never replies, but Steinberg guys do more in this forum to reply. Strange but true.
Does the grids line up for some users?
Is it more noticable on a Mac or Win 11 ?
The only thing at the moment for me on the previous update is that Ozone 9 crashes Cubase 12 when switching between ref track and my track. Sort of a random thing.
I have contacted Izotope about that, but all you get is try this or try that which does not work.
It is stalemate there. What makes a program cause Cubase to go poof and disappear like magic.?
It would be nice if Cubase 12 produced a pop up box to say , “This or that caused it”!!
As Spock says “It’s not logical”!!
Maybe Ozone 10 will sort this out, who knows. Steinberg say it is an Izotope problem. You just cannot win. But Cubase 12 crashes for quite a few people from what i have read…

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I have a Mac M1 and as long as the graphics acceleration is not disabled in Cubase pref its fine.

It sounds move like a Windows issue but i could be wrong.

What i would say is the issue is only when looking at events on the main screen. In the midi editor its working correctly. But if the midi blocks are changed to lines it works too. Thats a suggested work-a-around.

I work with a lot of midi VSTi but i only look at midi via the editors so it would not bother me either way. But if you move midi in the main tracks window its going to be problematic.

H Rtt1
I will stay with the last update for now as everything works great.
I do midi editing also on my Win 11 as i have a Genos workstation.
I will eventually go vst as well.
I have to sort this Ozone 9 niggle out, but if i save regular i can get things done with no or a couple of crashes. Everything else is great.

All the Best

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Cubase is running stable on my macbook pro M1 Pro after updating to 12.0.40. No Problem at all, everything works fine!
Thanks for this great update!

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Yes I’m experiencing this as well.

Been working with 12.0.40 for a week now and unfortunately had to go back to 12.0.30, because of less overall CPU Performance (both in Rosetta and newer M1 Native Sessions with only m1 VST3). Projects that where hovering at around 80-90% in .30. could barely play in .40. I couldn’t pin it down to one particular set of plugins.

i like the features of the new version and the updated performance meter is nice, but i guess I’ll have to wait until the next update.

How about a %-Usage for every Plugins like Studio One does it?

Ozone is not downwards compatible, that means that you will still have the problem in Sessions where u used OZ9.

I’m jumping on this thread a bit late due to a hiatus from working on Cubase projects to do some other work, but I’ve thus far used 12.0.40 6 days running (August 12-17), and this release at least feels less stable than 12.0.30 on my Windows 10 (fully updated) system. In particular, in the 6 total days of running it thus far, there are 8 files in my CrashDumps directory (all sent to Steinberg already, unless perhaps the latest, in which case that will go next time I start Cubase). Of these:

7 are freezedumps, and likely were unnoticed until the next time starting Cubase afterward and seeing the dialog box saying there was a crash in the previous session. The other was from a “poof” (i.e. crash with no error message) from IK’s TR5 Tape Machine 80 plugin. (I’ve reported that one to IK in follow-up to a previous report on the same issue in 12.0.30. It isn’t something I can recreate at will as the plugin works fine most of the time. It was an access violation, so probably an uninitialized pointer on their end or something.)

Of the 7 freezedumps, 5 are from Kontakt (latest version) referencing NTWaitFor SingleObjectEx at the top of the stack. I think this one may be happening anytime Kontakt was in a session on my system, or maybe if it was for an extended period or something. One other also shows the WaitForSingleObjectEX, but is in a kernel call from Cubase itself., and the other is in FindFirstFileW, with VSTPlugManager showing lower in the stack.

I also had 3 actual Cubase hangs:

One was after a file export where I walked away for maybe 20-30 minutes after starting the export and came back to find Cubase hung. That one also showed the WaitForSingleObjectEx, and from Cubase itself.

The other two were hangs on trying to exit Cubase at the end of a long session after having already closed the project. Both of those showed NtWriteFile calls at the top of the stack, and just Cubase itself and kernel calls in the stack. After one of those, starting Cubase the next day lost the cue send in my Control Room configuration, so I had to recreate that. (I think it also lost some other configuration information, but that is the key one I noticed as I had reference mixes routed to cue sends in the project.)

The reason I say it “at least feels” less stable than 12.0.30 is partly because I had a fairly extended break between my last use of 12.0.30 and my first use of 12.0.40 due to having finished an album and needing to work on other things, so maybe I’m just not remembering 12.0.30 that well. But it is also partly because, other than yesterday (when I had the freeze after exporting and the latest freezedump), my usage pattern was a bit different than usual.

Typically I am working long sessions doing recording, editing, and/or mixing depending on the state of the project. While I was doing that here, too, some of the days during this latest use I also needed to use Cubase for practicing along with a recording. So I opened up a practice project during a break from my normal project work, played a Kontakt-based piano for a while, then closed that and returned to my main project. The first time I did this I opened the second project and let it become the active project, then closed it and reactivated the first project to continue working. After the hang on exit that day, for the next day, I decided to close the main project first, open the second project, then close that after using it and reopen the main project. The hang on exit this second time was the one that seemed to clear my cue send setup. In past uses, it would be rare for me to work on more than one project in a single Cubase session.


12.0.30 better performance for me…
12.0.40 less stable and the cpu meter alot of peacks that i never faced before

win 11 pro
intel i9 10490x
ram 128 gb
8 tb m.2 ssd
nvidia rtx 2070

12.0.40 is definitely worse than 12.0.30 on my system.

Since installing it, I experience random audio pops & clicks. On audio export, it intermittently drops random tracks from the mixdown and is also intermittently ignoring automation. Project load times are much slower, as is shutting down Cubase itself now seems to take a lot longer than usual.

In most cases, this means that you have a damaged file
The first suspect is Default.xml and maybe UserPreferences.xml
Cubase write on these files when you close it and if it is damaged, it takes a long time.

Same here, only with the new update.