Cubase 12.0.40 maintenance update available

Cubase has always run very stable on my system, though issues since 12.0.40 maintenance was installed. Issues arise when opening system or projects, either hang or i receive a message that my audio interface has been removed from system. Each time, audio interface is still active on system and i can open and run v11 with no issues (after force closing v12)
I use A&H QU24, was thinking this may be related to new midi remote controls?
At the least, i feel i need to roll back to 12.03, what’s best process to roll back the installation?

I have the same issue with my Arturia Minifuse. Also when it comes to this dialogue Cubase 12 completely freezes and I have to force quit it. Win 11. 12.040 and 30
No other audio software has these issues.

just started with the 040 update for me, but sounds same issue

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I’ll reply to my own question then , yes we will have to wait months fot the most basic of things to be fixed , ridiculous !

yeah… this is a joke. the 1st chance i get i am done with steinberg. this is really sad.

12.0.40 has been very stable for me, finally. I’m on M1 MacBook Pro. Breath of fresh air, following a shambolic start. Still running in Rosetta mode, since not all my plugs have been updated.

variaudio editing is disapeared in 0.40 for me! Am i missed something?

Please check out this topic for a solution: VariAudio not displaying notes/segments


does anyone know if there is a fix for this?

anyone who want’s a quick fix simply downgrade to 12.0.30, issue gone!

Yes i reverted back to .30 and yet the thing that Steinberg made their name with still remains broken 1 month after the release of the update . Most companies would of released a hot patch but nope not Steinberg , wait with broken software for at least a month


There’s a pretty big discussion on this already (in this same thread)…

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as far as Steinberg goes, .30 downgrade is the hot fix lol!


I am having an issue regarding GUI, I guess…

The whole inspector tabs on the left side (inserts, sends, etc) are not there until I hover my mouse over the area and they reappear one by one as I move the pointer.

It is not reproducible, happened 3 times in a week, randomly.
Is this a known bug for .40 or?

Reset your preferences.

Start Cubase and hold Ctrl+Shift+Alt while it’s starting up. A window will show up with troubleshooting options you can try.

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Hi there,

I just upgraded to 12, from 11 and any project I open in 12 is suffering from much higher CPU usage and causing stutters and dropouts. I’m on Windows 11 and using the 12.0.40 update.

I’ve googled it and can see lots of other users having a similar issue, tried things like playing with asioguard and power themes, but nothing makes a difference.

Has anyone figured out why this is happening?

There are multiple different reasons to this.
The most are 3rd party plugins, which are not updated. Open your own thread and put in all informations necessary and people will try to help you there!

I’m on Windows, so with that:

  1. Updating my nvidia drivers made a substantial difference
  2. I noticed that for the first couple launches, Defender was scanning everything. I forced a scan of the CB12 folder and that issue went away entirely.
  3. About two weeks later, there were new ASIO drivers for my audio interface. I suspect that Cubase somehow pushes the drivers more, but that’s just speculation. I updated and it seemed to help with spikes in audio processing.

I have not had issues with higher CPU or ASIO since.

ADDED: From experience, it’s always good to go through all your preference after an upgrade and make sure they are correct. One time, the default sample rate was changed. Just check everything.

ISSUE: Since installing this update Cubase won’t even open. Gets stuck initialising VST Connect. I’m literally sitting here with a client ready to record, but can’t even open the DAW! So embarrassing!