Cubase 12.0.50 maintenance update now available

The Cubase 12.0.50 maintenance update is now available, and we are very happy to introduce new functionality to the MIDI Remote integration, along many improvements on the existing features, the user interface, and the stability and performance in general.

Please find all details in the release notes.

The update is immediately available for download via the Steinberg Download Assistant.


thank u
steinberg team

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Curious to see how many of the issues in [WIKI] [Cubase 12.0.50] Issues -- user editable have been addressed and fixed…


Not fixed:

Not fixed (this has been present since at least C11):

Of course, those bugs that affect me are not fixed… I really hope there’ll be a 12.0.60!


Ummmmm , do i dare move up from 12.0.30 , to be honest i haven’t been this cautious about updating since Cubase 4 , updating to C12.0.40 broke a lot of things on my system when i had to revert back to 30 .
I’ll wait and see how this thread pans out i think


I would like to try it.
But stuck on opening.
Been scanning VST3’s for more than an hour.

@coolbass1000 - check for a dialog box requiring user input, hidden behind open windows…?

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Was really hoping for paging for Focus Quick Controls in the MIDI Remote… Oh well.

The other items are nice touches, but not a great deal in regards to improving functionality. Just baffles me why we’re stuck with 8 parameters in 2022.

Made more frustrating that there’s a page/layer control already built in to Cubase which you can scroll through with your mouse, but not the MIDI Remote - It’s truly insane really.

Anyway, on the positive - glad the MIDI events and variaudio events bugs are fixed - they were really annoying, look forward to trying it out later.


What is the roadmap for addressing all the other well documented bugs/issues in Cubase 12?
Is there another maintenance update scheduled before another major version release?


Yeah! Also so interesting. This update is nice and thanks for this one, but so many reports was for 12.0.40 and just little was fixed in 3 months

After 2 hours it finally finished.
But after a restart it is off again scanning VST3’s.
Why? Did the update change my settings?
This is simply not ok.
It all takes an enormous amount of time!
Do I bill you, Steinberg?

And the vstscannermaster uses 70 GB of memory???

OMG You can now go over 8 parameters with the MIDI Remote AND it’s got a paging system.

@Matthias_Quellmann why did you keep this quiet? This is such a brilliant addition, well done!!! Super super super super happy! :slight_smile:

Anyone interested, created a thread here:


I just want to report that I was able to install without any issues on MacBook Pro M1 Pro (16g ram, 1tb drive) running macOS 12.6.1. Cubase 12.0.50 is running fine. Didn’t see any issues at all so far.


Unfortunately only a few things of this big issue list were fixed. Its about 80+ confirmed issues.

I expected more fixes…


To be honest I did too…
Apart from the MIDI Remote update, the two biggest fixes were for the MIDI notes display and the CPU usage on render, and a few others that were in the list.
I have the feeling that every time a maintenance update is out, it fixes tens of things that weren’t even discussed on the forum.

Really, it fixed two issues related to using the “Size with Fade” edit modifier.
When I search the forum for “Size with Fade” there’s no result. Literally.
I even searched for what “Size with Fade” is, apparently holding Ctrl+Alt when resizing an Audio Event adds a Fade at the same time, but this doesn’t even work.
So Steinberg’s priority seems to be fixing things that no one ever noticed, and instead ignore or delay much major bugs like the one related to the Snap Point / Musical Mode broken interaction.


Thank you Steinberg, especially for the miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements!

MIDI event positions are now displayed accurately in the Project window.

This one only, is a huge improvement to my every day workflow for me, that I happened to notice every minute I used Cubase.
Thank you a thousands times for all these fixes in .50!


To be more exact: The biggest fixes inside of this maintenance update, came from bugs which were introduced by Cubase 12.

  • The Slow render at different sample rates issue was introduced with C12
  • The Variaudio visual bug, where all segments are invisible was introduced with C12
  • The midi note event display bug was introduced with C12

I am happy, that those are fixed now. But thats not what I’d call a maintenance update, which comes out every 2-3 months. This should be part of a weekly update imho.

Where are the real fixes of operations and functions, which never worked properly?


Actually I am always wondering how people get so excited when a company repairs things which they damanged due to poor quality control. The thing which makes this user so happy was a bug introduced within a maintenance update! This is a no-go! And I am quite certain there won’t be many updates left before the next major release. People, request more service from a company which eats your money and time! I am still out, not using v12, and I made every update since Cubase SX3! But I made a hard stop with Cubase 11, left with several bugs.


We have improved the Export Audio Mixdown performance when exporting files at a different sample rate than the project.

And this sounds like a curel joke: this was a damaged processing, nothing more and nothing less. Now it is just repaired, not improved.