Cubase 12.0.51 maintenance update

ahh yes, I forgot NI were late to the VST3 party :slight_smile:

Maybe Izotope would be a better example - every release give you a full set of new plugins but they are 90% the same plugins - Although that situation would be better dealt with by Izotope not pretending they were new :smiley:

I’m not sure how much of the changes are backwards compatible between different host DAWs - Most VST3 are not running the same SDK build so they don’t need to match ? Do they just ignore the stuff that the host can’t handle ? not sure ?

anyway enough of a thread derail in this one :slight_smile:

yep :+1: (@steve already pointed it out)

my point was more that this was already possible with the earlier SDK for vst2 to vst3

I hope Guitar Rig 5 and 6 are compatible enough to benefit from this feature. It would be a timesaver for old projects having Guitar Rig 5 VST2 automatically replaced.

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That’s modern agile development cycles applied to Music sofware, looks like Steinberg devs are raising the bar and setting an example to all competitors!

Thank you again Steinberg!

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hoped that the agile development method of timely problem solving can last forever

It is definitely useful, but I guess unless JUCE implements support for that feature, the majority of plugins probably won’t really use it.

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Would the user be able to decline the process?

It works in a different way than that:

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Yep, fatal errors on every project :+1:
I get back to 12.0.50 and it works fine. I sent you all the crashdumps. Not a single idea about why, I tried everything.

@Hellmaster_92 are you using a midi-remote? If so see here, where people have reported it:

The replacement occurs only if the plugin is not installed locally and you have a new version able to replace it… that´s all. A notification is then displayed…

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I’m not trying to be a pain Steve but is it right to have to go through this procedure like in the thread you have just posted? It’s time consuming and completely disruptive to the creative process.
The user shouldn’t have updated his firmware thou.
I’ve been watching what’s happening with the Remote app and every time a minor update is released the remote app gets broken and you are either a programmer and can deal with the script edits or you suffer, the .50 update broke a lot of peoples painstakingly made scripts. And to think we are all going to be forced on to this chaotic new system one day, i have 4 controllers here that are useless with this system but … Im not a programmer.
The thread you posted just shows how much hassle you have to go through to retrieve your controllers

What exactly is ADM exports?

ADM = Dolby Atmos Master (Audio Definition Model)

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This update appears to have broken the MIDI Remote feature. I am using a Korg nanoKontrol, and when I press the next or previous mixer bank buttons, Cubase immediately crashes.

Developers team Attention to this! :point_up_2:

Thank you so much for the reply, Yvan!

I have a concern about that, I wonder if it is well-founded: I have multiple versions of some programs, PianoTeq for example, and sometimes I’ll choose to use the older version (less demanding on my computer). I wonder if the replacement that occurs would affect that workflow?

they know :slight_smile:

if you do not remove the older plugin, no problem, this older one will still be used