Cubase 12.0.51 maintenance update

I just tried the feature and it worked fine when replacing both Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6 with Kontakt 7 Player. This is the dialog displayed to inform about the change:


Sir you made a big issue with this update.
my Novation launchkey 61 mk3 was working well with the 12.0.50 update. now the script is damaged with the 12.0,51 every time i press a buttion on my novation a serious problem message pumps up, i have to return to the previous update. please fic that Thank you

Thank you again for the info!

Well there is a problem as Steinberg are dropping VST2.

This means you could be recalling projects and saving VST2 versions when it would be better to be making that swap today when BOTH are available, i.e. ahead of the shut-off?

Why couldn’t this just be a user option, are we not trusted? :slight_smile:

Your option now is to either remove the vst2 or disable it by renaming the vst2 dll to semething like .dllbak, so you can see if and how it works. What problems do you expect except for it not working if the vendor does not implement it (correctly)?

This is great news for kontakt users!

Yes that’s my option as I’ve came on here and read this thread.

I’m rather thinking of the majority who haven’t read this thread and are still saving VST2 projects as there’s no notice in place unless they’ve removed the VST2 version.

i.e. Cubase is reacting to failure rather than being pro-active.

This could easily be solved with a simple table lookup that gets updated by the VST3 version when installed, and off the back of that we can agree to the substitutions offered to us in a simple interface.


Plugin ID Replacement ID Enabled
Reverb v1 0001 Reverb v2 0050 [x]
Compressor X 1351 [ ]
Delay v1 1200 Delay v2 3152 [ ]
Cool EQ 5135 [ ]

Heck, that would even allow users to try their own substitutions where the developer is to lazy, or it’s not part of the framework they’re using. (Note expression anyone?). Of course, most would just use the default option and never need open it.

They are aware of it and are working on it. There is already a separate thread regarding the issue, and it’s been posted in here as well.

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I think that, fortunately, there won’t be an excessive number of cases in need of this new feature. Basically, only those plugins that changed VST IDs in the transition from VST2 to VST3 (PSP Audio, Softube…), or those that usually change version number and ID on every major update (Native Instruments and Izotope come to my mind).
A different issue is what we will do with those plugins that won’t be updated to VST3 once Cubase ceases supporting VST2. There are already several options that we discussed here:

NI and Izotope are pretty significant though. But you’d hope this system has that covered(?)

If I was going to approach such a system I’d make it pro-active and focused towards the end user as in the way I stated above , It would provide a way of substituting Guitar Rig 5 with 6, Kontakt 6 with 7 etc - would it work? Could it break setups? I don’t know.

It’s just something I’d find useful. i.e. when you load a project that fails on plugins not being found, and you’re force to lose settings, sometimes automation, when you swap it over to the working/installed version.

I’ve not worked cross platform with Cubase since 9.5, but maybe there’s advantages there too?
Just ideas, really.

I completely agree and also vote for allowing more interaction from the user. I am however grateful that this feature simply exists as, if it works as it should, it will save me a lot of boring work by automatically replacing Guitar Rig 5, Kontakt 5&6 or Reaktor 5 in my projects.

I updated to 12.0.51. Now I cannot open my projects made in 12.0.50: ”Project xxx.cpr” was created with Version 12.0.50. This program version cannot load it”. Do I have to return to 12.0.50?

I don’t know what precisely caused that, but you should roll back.

They will re-release the x.x.51 update.

Hey Steve, thank you very much for your swift reply. Most kind of you. I’ll roll back.

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Yeah, I do. I have a Launchkey 37 MK3. I didn’t tried to unplug it. I rolled back to 12.0.50 and it works fine for now.

Roll Roll Roll your boat gently BACK the stream.

Yes,the latest update getting crashes of plugins and remote midi buttons not working even though assigned to the proper cc numbers.

How do I roll back to 12.0.50?

This is not a “solution” – it is a temporary post with a link to the Cubase 12 Download page for the convenience of those who need to roll back to 12.0.50.


After updating Cubase to 12.0.51, the mixer’s bank select is no longer working.
It always says "A serious problem has occurred… " on the display.
In 12.0.50, the bank select was working.
But even with 12.0.50, it would change solo, mute, and select, but not the faders.

Seems to be a Novation issue as my KB is a Novation Impulse 61.

No, this affects all midi-remotes.