Cubase 12.0.52 update the worst

A crash dump contains more than this, can you please upload a complete file? May be there is some other info in iz

im seriously hoping there will be an update soon because the crashes are just too frequent… worst in history for me. Unworkable steinberg

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here are the ones ive had tonight. ive had about 30 crashes, mainly on start up. i load cubase and the first few times i loads my project, then just freezes.
i hired a unit from analogue access for two hours , paid £15 only for 40 mins of it to be crashes…
Cubase 64bit 2023.1.11 (3.7 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2023.1.11 (3.7 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2023.1.11 (3.6 MB)

Hey, should i raise a ticket with support or are the guys aware of the problems ?

its almost unworkable. i certainly cant have anyone in with me working as it crashes too many times.

also if ive done a few things on tracks in this bugged out version what will happen if i revert to previous version and open them? would i have no chance ?


I entered all your DMP files to the Steinberg’s bug tracking system. So they are aware of the problem.


All these 3 freezes are related to the MIDI Driver, I mentioned already:

Please, do so.

Yo… I went to my device manager in Windows 11 and disabled the “High Precision Event Timer” in the System Devices tab…
this truely seems to have fixed ALL of my studders/sample rate clicks/ and poop like that…
Man… I hope someone else tries this and is able to confirm this theory

Cubase 64bit 2023.1.22 (2.3 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2023.1.22 (1.3 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2023.1.22 (1.3 MB)

do you know what these are related to. Now i cannot open any cubase projects i have been working on, it just gets stuck on egg timer… cubase program loads up and then when i click to open a poject it just spins and spins and these are the dmp codes i get


To me it looks like the known old MIDI driver issue on Windows.

Try to switch to the WinRT MIDI Driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup, please.

That seems to be good , whats the difference with the all the ports,

i use midex for my outboard, will this still be ok by using winrt midi ?

I was just thinking the same myself, im having loads of issues, the main one being audio drop outs from plugins and the odd crash. Im on a new Mac Studio M1 Max running in Rosetta 2 mode. Hopefully Steinberg solve these issues asap with a decent update…