Cubase 12.0.60 maintenance update now available

Thanks, but unfortunately no.

Stating the obvious perhaps, but have you tried restarting to ensure that there’s no file locked or anything?

Also, ALWAYS had this is issue with the download manager. NOW GONE! How?!? Nothing we tried with the support worked for that. Really glad for some reason now works perfectly.

macOS 13.2.1 (soon to upgrade to 13.3). I opened Steinberg Download Assistant and was offered updates for Cubase 12 and VST Sounds. The upgrade to 12.0.60 went smoothly, but SDA gave me errors when I clicked on “Install All” for VST sounds. It tried to upgrade Amped Elektra, B-Box, HALion Sonic SE Basic, HALiotron, and Verve. I couldn’t catch which .vst files the dialogs complained about, but I just hit Ok and they all seemed to succeed.

Then I went in and clicked on Install again for each of those VST Sounds and this time they installed with no errors. Cubase 12.0.60 seemed to start up okay, and when I quit and restarted SDA, it didn’t offer to upgrade anything, so I’m guessing everything ended up okay. It was weird though.

Now :crossed_fingers: that everything will still work after I upgrade to 13.3!

It seems more so that they throw a dart and fix whatever it lands on.

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So the media bay timestamp of created or modified files are still wayyy (hours) off from reality?

Not super for staying on top of file organization.

Is it possible you hadn’t got the latest HALion update first time round?


Don’t know if it’s the right place to report a bug but there’s a problem regarding my Novation Launckey 37 MK3 and the midi remote control function with this very last update 12.0.60.

The Launchkey should display tracks colours on pads but since the last update it doesn’t.
I have to unplug/replug the keyboard (or disable/enable the script) to retrieve colours (see picture bellow).


Thanks @Xion. I have to second this: My X-Touch MIDI Remote script suffers from a similar problem (with track titles), so I filed MIDI Remote API: `mOnTitleChange` and `mOnColorChange` broken for some mixer channel bindings, hoping the issue will be addressed soon.

Join the queue , making scripts and MR panels are made at your own risk while Steinberg play about breaking something in EVERY release of the MR . Hence it’s not even worth bothering with until they decide on a final workflow

that’s got to be something else in your system. I’d bet in never does it with external plugins disabled

Unfortunately the software industry in general has, over the last 40 years, developed an environment where they minimalise the apparent seriousness of a FAULT, by calling it a bug. Somehow bugs have become acceptable and often have little priority when it comes to fixing them.

I’m involved as an end user on a daily basis with two major applications, one being Cubase, and I find it quite unacceptable how the industry gets away with this, often wasting many man hours adding new features to products (to satisty the new customer sales stats), while not fixing what they already have. So the product continues with what they must see as an acceptable level of FAULTS.

Quite the opposite of the car industry, where just a few cars may exhibit a fault, and the manufacturer has to recall hundreds of thousands of cars for repair at the manufacturer’s expense.

The software industry has become very lazy and gets away with very low standards of operation when it comes to FAULT-fixing.

I don’t deminish the complexity of finding some of these software FAULTS, but hey, they chose to be in the industry and only add to their own problems by continuing to add to the complexity of the product while never sorting out the existing product first.

I don’t see anything changing unless we get some kind of regulation, and gawd knows what a mess that could be.

So we are left with choosing our products carefully, selecting from the various vendors. Unfortunately, when you are commited to a complex DAW, it’s not always easy to jump ship, and they know this all too well.

So they get lazy.


That’s some solid conspiracy theory you got cooking there.

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I don’t think so. I just clicked on “Install All”.

That is security related, because a car can kill people.

Never heard of a DAW that is security related like a car.

So your comparison is wrong from the bottom to the top.

You have obviously never worked in software development and don’t know how complex that is in these days. There are thousands of pieces that need to be glued together and no one really knows any or all the possible side effects anymore. There is no software available anymore that is totally bug free, something like that doesn’t exist, or even better never existed.


Wrong. For many years I was a developer. I have developed 3D CAD systems including in assembler, producing very fast code. And I have written industrial products and set standards which were adopted by the UK government. Don’t assume everyone you meet on the internet is a numpty.

What has anything you say got to do with what I said.

  1. I already said that software is very complex.
  2. I said that for that reason they need to spend more time fixing what they already wrote.
  3. They default to adding new functions before they have fixed what they have.

There is no software available anymore that is totally bug free, something like that doesn’t exist, or even better never existed.

I have produced products with no bug ever reported in the life of the product. It is most certainly possible if you are good enough.


Which part of @SledDriver’s post do you mean? The “and they know this all too well. So they get lazy.”? You may have a point there @mlindeb.

Nevertheless, I definitely have to agree about


Of course, this doesn’t equally apply to all software vendors (by far not, and I also have to mention I’ve worked with rock-solid Cubase versions in the past!). Software has just become quite complex over the last decades and the software industry is very competitive, so vendors have to make tradeoffs between feature development, test development, and maintenance work. Safety plays a big role in this tradeoff, so the car example is indeed lacking a bit, but I do get the impression that the focus has been shifted a bit too far to the feature development side in the past years. CB 12 feels like a beta version at times, which I choose to use to help finding bugs, but not to be productive.


Maybe, but many people have reported this problem about Cubase 12.0.52, so it is not a unique case. The Cubase 11 works perfectly on the same setup. Haven’t tried 12.0.60 yet, will find out soon.

It’s interesting how people tend to jump to defending these multi-million-$ companies when I write something like I did above, and yet only a few messages prior, they were complaining about things which still haven’t been fixed for many years.

I’m not sure why they would leap to protecting a company which they were just moaning about.

As a high level software consultant, I am used to dealing with such companies professionally (including government and many other large institutions) and often having the power of veto on projects they are involved with. I have absolutely no sympathy with any company which continues to roll out new updates without doing their housework first.

As it happens, Cubase 12.0.60 seems to be working well for me, at least the bits I have used so far, and 12.0.52 was pretty good too. But I have had showstoppers in the past with updates stopping me from being able to use the product for a while.


It’s not a conspiracy when there is plenty of evidence.

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