Cubase 12.0.7 hangs on startup (Checking licenses)

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Recently, more and more Cubase 12.0.7 hangs on startup (in about 70% of cases). In the task manager it shows “Checking licenses” and the status is “not responding”. Can I do something about this problem? Please help.

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Are you connected to the internet? License needs to be checked once in a while. If so, what is your DNS provider? It may be blocking Steinberg’s licences server for some reason. Have you tried opening Steinberg Activation Manager and see what it says there?

to be clear, here’s the official word from Steinberg

How often will I need to connect to the internet? Do I need to be connected all the time?

Your computer only needs to be connected to the internet in order to sign in with your Steinberg ID and to obtain the initial activation. Thereafter your computer can remain disconnected from the internet, and your software will continue its normal operation. Running your Steinberg software does not require a constant internet connection.

In theory yes. But I found with updates of my computer and/or of Cubase itself it has logged out of Activation Manager and didn’t manage to find the license. My suggestions/questions were from personal hands on experience, bugs exist and manuals do not often account for them. That is why forums exist :v:

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Hi. Sorry for late reply. Thank you for your help.

  1. I ran the Procdump application as instructed. But my problem occurs when booting Cubase12. So the app shows that “No process matching the specified name can be found”. How to check what causes the license check to be blocked? On the previous protection (eLicencer USB) I never had this kind of problems.

  2. I am connected to the Internet all the time. My provider is T-Mobile. “Steinberg Activation Manager” looks good ?

  1. I still have a Steinberg eLicencer USB dongle connected, because I also have licenses there, for example for Vengeance-sound plugins.



Unfortunately the info in this topic has been incorrect.

This is not related to your internet connection, and Cubase is not crashing, but simply waiting for a response from the License Engine on your machine. The quote from the post about procdump was taken out of context. (I’ll remove it for that reason to avoid further confusion) If there was anything to run procdump on it would be the Licensing components. But I would not bother.

You should Run the Download Assistant which will update the licensing components.

See this post:

Also, I have seen this, though rarely. I might try the following:

Then one or both of these below:

  • Kill the Activation manager, and its sub-task the Licensing Engine. (this provides an equivalent result to restarting the machine)

  • You can also remove the User Settings Folder for the Activation Manager at %appdata%\Steinberg\ (paste path into Run or Start Menu).
    This will log you out in the Activation Manager and thus remove your activations, so you will have to log in and activate the licenses. (you can go to your account online to deactivate any zombie activations).