Cubase 12 activation

Hey guys i updated cubase 11 at the grace period, and now im tryin to install cubase 12, but it keep telling me that no license found. and it seems like the e licenser doesnt recognise cubase 12 at all, somebody can help me with this problem?

Open Steinberg Activation Manager, press the ‘person’ icon in the top right, then choose “Grace Period Check…”.


I’m trying to upgrade from 11 Pro but I keep getting “The eLicenser Control Center cannot be launched… please download the latest version etc.”
I have the latest version, I’ve never had so much headache trying to upgrade a software, my God!!!
Getting nowhere and wasting time, lovin it lol

Open Steinberg Download Assistant, let all updates run, then try again.

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You could please just try to launch the SDA? This will automatically install the latest version.

I’m normally the first to complain about this process, but it was so smooth this time.
Launched the SDA, everything just worked.
Email took a while, but it got there.


Just got Cubase pro 12 as update for pro 11 (with sda_
After installing i started eLicenser Control centre , but it doesnt work anymore ?
Is this becourse there’s no use for eLicenser anymore, or do I still need it when i want to use cubase 11 ?
"a connection to the license servere ccould not be established "

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as said above: there is new Steinberg Activation Manager, which works with version 12. it installs automatically when installing v12.

I used the new Steinberg activation manager but still can’t get a connection with elicenser

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thanks guys, but it keep telling me that no licenses found, and i bought the cubase in the grace period

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Bought the update pro 11 to pro 12
New steinberg activation manager shows ; Cubase pro 12 = Activated
My -my products shows Cubase pro 12 = not activated yet
when following "how to activate from there ( in elicenser control) i get an error
But 12 pro is normal starting up and shows no errors when checking licenses so perhaps its oke

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i’m just getting that same old crap, license upgrade failing due to the license server being unavailable… same every time

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You have to go through some steps to get the grace period update:

Did you do that?

We are really sorry for the inconvenience. Please have some more patience.

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To those having issues (Like I was having) . Don’t bother putting the activation code in the ‘Steinberg Download Assistant’ . I’m so used to doing it the old way that I put in the activation code in the area where it says ‘ENTER YOUR DOWNLOAD ACCESS CODE’, that just leads to the elicenser opening u, which gets u nowhere. Bypass that and just download it from the Cubase download section in the menu. Once u download it open the CB12 download and it’ll ask u to sign in and the weblink will open (which is how u verify/register it, via your Steinberg account).

Thanx 4 the replies

Why does it now say transfer pending? i’m totally lost, also saying not upgradable

Stienberg team I really appreciate your efforts and respect you
But why are you the only company that every time and every update there are many problems, I am now trying to buy the update and I can’t, and others can’t activate and others have problems running the program
I see that you have a glitch that you must solve. We have been waiting for a year and you do not even inform us of the time of the update

Now, u said sorry, !!
I have not had any problems with other companies

Thank you, I hope my words are not bad with you, I am writing this in a frank and polite way

You mean “verification pending”?

No worries. I can absolutely understand the frustration. We invested heavily into the new Steinberg Licensing infrastructure in order to overcome these kind of issues. Unfortunately for this last time the eLicenser is needed to bring the users from the old system into the new.

The old eLicenser servers are likely getting hammered by all the people updating from Cubase 11 or earlier to Cubase 12.

An update from an eLicenser product to a Steinberg Licensing version (such as Cubase 12) involves an eLicenser transaction to validate the update. Today’s pain is part of putting the old, flawed and overloaded eLicenser system out of use.