Cubase 12 activation

I wish you and us good luck

And we are with you to the end :+1:

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No I mean the Elic control center is saying transfer pending that I now must run a recover process…

Right, ok I get it now. It’s managed to fix it’self using the recovery process albeit it still moans about not being able to get a connection. but I have now successfully activated my upgrade via the new online manager app… so all is good I think… The not upgradable thing is see is on purpose

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When you upgrade from an eLicenser version of an application to a Steinberg Licensing version, three things happen as I understand it:

  1. A “verification pending” licence for the new Steinberg Licensing product is deposited in your Steinberg Licensing account, which is valid for 30 days.

  2. An eLicenser transaction is carried out to ‘upgrade’ your existing licence to a ‘not upgradeable’ licence for the last eLicenser version of the product. This prevents the same licence from being upgraded several times and allows those who are upgrading to continue to use eLicenser versions of the product.

  3. Once the eLicenser transaction is complete, the Steinberg Licensing licence is updated to perpetual validity.

Normally all three steps happen seamlessly. At the moment, it sounds like the eLicenser server is unable to cope with the load. Those who get stuck at step two should be able to run Cubase 12. When the eLicenser servers have recovered, running the ‘Recover’ or ‘Maintenance’ options should complete the eLicenser transaction and finish the process, even if there is currently no Cubase licence showing on your eLicenser.

My problem is Im afraid I lost C11 pro license.
C12 licence works for me but old C11 elicencer says
transfer pending.
I cant work now in C11…

Is it normal that preferences are not migrated from 11 to 12?
I hope I get C 11 back​:hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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Just a question - what is this SDA you’re talking about?

Steinberg Download Assistant

No worries. As soon as the traffic on the eLicenser server will decrease everything will be fine again.


Courage Matthias … it will be fine.
You will sleep well afterwards :wink:


Can you help me please one more thing cause I must work on project,
is it allowed to copy presets from roaming windows folder from 11 to 12 or we have some new
config in C12 and I have to do all my settings from scratch?

Its been a typically “steinberg” experience doing the update (ie totally baffling and unecessarily complex with confusing messages and no confirmation of process) but good news, as Matheus points out, that this is the last time we’ll have to go through it all (we can discuss reparations for emotional trauma sustained due to dongle use at a later date).
Thought I’d share my experience updating from C11 grace period as I think I have it sorted (although am completely unsure if this is ta valid way to do it)

  1. Open Steinberg Activation Manager (took me a while to realise this is a whole new bit of software I had to look for in start menu, and not the elicenser software). Seems weird to have to use 2 apps - Download manager and Activation manager. Couldnt they be integrated into one?
  2. Go to profile person icon in top right and select “check for grace period”
  3. Mine found my “eligible for grace period license” which I activated a while back for C11 during grace period (it was already activated on my dongle)
  4. Follow instructions and you’ll get an email with download access code
  5. Now go and open download manager (?! so many unecessary steps and apps!) and add download access code from step 4
  6. Download manager asks “do you want to upgrade now” - I hit yes and went through about 20 cycles of “cannot access license server” with blood pressure rising and strange rage veins starting to form on my eyeballs
  7. Give up on above in a tantrum that any 5 year old would be proud of. Re-opened Activation manager and now C12 is there with a button saying “activate?” I hit activate and it switched to an activated icon.
  8. Opened Cubase 12 and it seems to be working?!?!?

Totally bonkers. Totally steinberg. So glad its the end of that era. Appreciate servers were probably in melt down and will go smoother for others in the days ahead!
Was getting in a right huff about the whole thing, then remembered that multitrack warping is finally here and burst into tears of joy in a heap on the floor. Never a dull moment as a cubase user, we should start a therapy group :slight_smile: Hang in there peeps…you’ll get there.

Final question for Matheus - for all my other steinberg products (Backbone, Groove agent, Drum packs etc) on my usb elicencer - I presume I still have to use elicencer for those products until steinberg ports them over to the new system, at which point I can then douse my elicenser in petrol and throw it in a river? Cheers, and despite the above comments, really chuffed with the C12 features update, well done steinberg team for all this progress during pandemics etc! (And especially well done to Matheus for being the brave member of steinberg to face the eternal wrath of us rabid forum drama queens)

Good luck everyone…


Yes, we agree that this isn’t ideal – we’re laying the foundations to unify these functions.

Yes, hang onto your USB eLicenser for your other products. We started the product transition process earlier this year with Dorico 4 and expect it to take 12-18 months for all our product release cycle to switch across to the new system. We have also been discussing various options on how we can free people from the dongle with older licenses. Stay tuned!


my cubase 11 pro is now unusable (schwebend), license is on the dongle but with an exclamation mark now - wtf - i own a dongle how can it then get deactivated? And how can i reactivate it and upgrade to 12 pro. cause that´s what i wanted to do now i can´t use 11 pro.


I’m sorry to hear that Uwe. We’ve been experiencing heavy load on our eLicenser server this afternoon. What happens if you use the “Actions → Recover…” function in eLicenser Control Center?

will try that, if it does not work i will try later, i now saw your post about waiting and the servers and stuff - it always said so far “unable to connect…” what makes sense of course due to the server issue, thanks for the quick answer.


You’re welcome Uwe. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully this is the last time we will suffer from the overloading of our venerable eLicenser system.


Mine briefly looked like that Uwe, which made me worry, but a while later it changed to “eligible for grace period”, so you should be ok when the servers relax.


Same here(( “transfer pending” on elicenser after maintance

now my cubase 11 pro is totally gone, i added the eLicencer the allowed apps in the firewall settings tried once more and … gone


No need to do anything, certainly not changing settings on your computer… There are a few other posts about this, and users are coming back saying it updated after a bit.