Cubase 12 activation

Many thanks, that did it for me :metal:t3:

Can’t start Cubase 12 slows down on the video player tab(((

Don’t worry that it just bounces in the dock, this is normal. It might take a few minutes to complete the checks, especially as the eLicenser servers are very busy at the moment.

hat to do? waiting 30 minutes

I cant even start my cubase 12
Freeze 2

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@jurikill Cubase 12 hangs on "initialising video player" - #14 by nemnoshko

yeah yeah

Can I have instructions on how to activate Cubase 12 on a second computer?)))

Simply install the Steinberg Activation Manager and sign in, then activate.

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Thank you very much)))

I don’t get it… I updated a day after november 9 2021 and I can’t in any way activate the new cubase, not in the e-licener, not in the steinberg download assistant… am I not eligible for the upgrade?

Hey, did you follow the instructions here?

I did everything man, nothing works… I, for a fact know that I have updated cubase at the date of 10 of November 2021. everything is applied and activated, the access code at the sda, the activation code in the elicenser. and Yet, when I check eligiblity, it says “no license found”…

What does the license say in the eLicenser Control Center? “eligible for Grace Period”?

well it doesn’t say anything about a grace period in the eLicenser control center…

So the license just says “Cubase Pro 11”?

Can you please try to run the maintenance in the eLCC?

And when you go to, what does the activation date say?

maybe I’m just not eligible as it turns out. it says “Product activated on 26/09/2021”
I thought because of this sentence “This also applies to Cubase 11 licenses resulting from an update or upgrade.” that if I updated Cubase after November 9 - then I’m eligible. it said I installed cubase at the 10th of November. so weird… maybe I activated it earlier? I could swear I updated it after the said date.

…and the vital piece of information that would have me saved two days of trial-and-error and hunting down?

The Steinberg Activation Manager is a new stand-alone program that Windows users will find by expanding the ‘recently added’ section, or in the ‘Steinberg Activation Manager’ of the Windows Start Menu. (i.e. it’s not on your DeskTop or in the Cubase v12 StartMenu sub-folder)

Also, I’ve found the ‘Products\Show Steinberg Licensing-based products’ link at

https:// account . steinberg . net / products

It unhelpfully shows me a very long string of hex characters for each activated installation of Cubase v12, but doesn’t display any details of the device name, operating system, install/activate date/time, IP address or the ID of the activator.

Can anybody tell me where can I look to see where my activations are (or have been) currently deployed please?

I don’t get why a secondary issiue like timming detarmains whether one deserves to get a free upgrade or not. in the end, everyone paid the same ammount. why is it that if the date I upgraded at is a little earlier, I don’t deserve the free upgrade? makes no sense… I paid a full price for Cubase 10.5, and then for an upgrade to 11. don’t think I’mma be paying for the latest version. I’m frustrated with Cubase as it is.

If there were no grace period at all, a person who activated one day before a new release would be very disappointed. So they set up a way to assuage the feelings of those folks.

They have to set some date. Do you really think simply giving all owners of a certain version a free update? If so, where to draw the line? Cubase 11? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6… blast off :wink:

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