Cubase 12 and Windows 11

I didn’t see any mention of C12 taking advantage of Win 11 features. I am not too familiar with what is in Win 11 but I saw some handy GUI and layout features mentioned. Are there any advantages of Win 11 for Cubase or is it just a cosmetic update.

For example, the present Workspace system in Cubase isn’t too bad but I wouldn’t mind if it worked a bit smoother, especially on multiple monitors.


I’m using Win 11 with Cubase 11 without a problem.
In fact all my software seems to work fine (UAD,Waves,Sonnox,Avid,etc).


I’ve updated my backup pc to win 11 and everything is working the same as win 10. I haven’t verified all my vsti though. Wavelab also works fine

There are no real advantages, but also no real disadvantages that we came across (except for one in WaveLab which is described in the compatibility article.

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Win 11 is a deliberate financial corporate strategy. It demands hardware upgrades to allow it work, rare earth my minerals are in short supply and prices are going ever upwards, such upgrades will be out of reach for a lot of people, especially the younger generation ,already burdened with college and university loans, mass unemployment, uncertain income, zero your contract low wages and the economic slump driven by covid which is far from over. A lot of young people will no doubt become alianated and then more and more to Android and iOS with cost apps.

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Bruh, I think you need to take a long walk. Find a nice trail in the woods or something.


Bruh, I think you should take a long walk, in the real world, maybe through some deprived areas and maybe do some volunteer work at a food bank of local community center or library where people queue up to send an email let alone try and knock up a song on the !a text all singing all dancing i9/M1 hardware running leased software.

You don’t know anything about me mate, posting a reply like you have further proves my point - you’re the one who needs to go take a walk.


You know nothing about me either, so let’s not get personal aye? The fact is, as of the new year, an elicencer, holding substantial financial investment becomes more of less valueless and will deter a lot of people who are now wondering at the cost of becoming a member of the cubase family. Black Friday has already started, Christmas is a few weeks away, peak sales time for most hardware/software companies, a lot of people (with limited finances) will go above and beyond to get their kids what they want for presents, for many that will be a daw or virtual instrument which needs a dongle items that,in a lot of cases have already been purchased, which from the 1st January is in no man’s land and could potentially cause a lot of issues for a lot of people who are currently unaware of such huge changes . I think this is a huge mistake, Steinbergs timing couldn’t be worse, ovr it could be quite deliberate, who’s to know. All of these plans should have been made public at the middle of the year and implemented in the middle of next year, not dropped on people with no notice in the few weeks run up Christmas. I’ve been using Steinberg software since Pro 24 on Atari and apart from pulling hair out over long running bugs have generally supported them all the way but on this I cant, it’s ill concieved, it’s been launched at the wrong time of the year the PR and loyalty of steinberg staff are swimming in whitewash. I’m absolutely appalled. I always said that when Steinberg got the Eucon adapter working with the avid control surface I’d crossgrade to Nuendo but that will be put on hold for the foreseeable future, I’m not going to give Steinberg another 800 bucks for something which by the looks of it I’ll be able rent at some point in the future, so, thank you for that Steinberg I have to say again, there’s no support for your plans from these quarters on this move at this point of time for sure. Cubase 11.5 should have been released on time, people could have upgraded knowing that next year your were moving to a different dongle free licensing model and I’m sure there would have been a much better reaction, support and have Cubase 11.5 for Christmas along with a good buzz and build-up campaign for a dongle free Cubase 12. Also hoping that if Cubase 12 has atmos built in you have the relevant (and accsssible) hardware to run it! Cubase is just about the only mainstream daw that does not have an accessible and bespoke controller. Even an entry level nuage, way to costly be to buy and cumbersome and out of reach financially for 95 % of your users. Yahama should have redisigned the 02R 96 with led scribble strip and surrounds panned for around 2k maximum, the DM200 was a dream machine but cost to much, it’s all there and they will not bring it back, Roland are with their hardware so come on Yamaha give cubase users a reinvented up to date 02R 96 a fully integrated control surface with bespoke os, midi 2 to make it fly, it would be glorious with long lifespan and upgrade path to Nuendo and Nuage.

…I know that you definitely need to take a walk and get some fresh air…


I’m very very fortunate Tim,
I live right on the coast and walk down the beach, up the cliffs and through the forest almost everyday when I’m able to! In my spare time I rear caterpillars that I rescue! I keep keep them and feed then through to pupae and cocoon to rebirth as a beautiful moth or a butterfly! so very rewarding and fascinating and the kids love it is! I stay up late, housekeeping my hard drives, maybe trying to find a melody and chord progression to match some lyrics I’ve written and then wait for the rest of the gang to turn up and see where it goes, I’m not all that different to a number of people on here really, apart from the fact I’m 70 years old, not chasing unicorns any more ambitions apart from one, a community studio for underprivileged young talent to learn on and use equipment they wouldn’t normally have access too because they simply can’t afford to.

A lot of good points but probably not the best platform for your views. Win 11 has happened and if we are to carry on using newer versions of Cubase then we will have to get it at some point.

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I have Windows 11 installed in a VM so I can test software that I write. TBH, I see no pressing need for anyone to update to W11 at the moment unless they like the new shiny. Clearly MS will at some time no longer support W10 but, for now, I’d say W10 is fine.

Agreed. It won’t be in my main pc for some time

I have converted a low end laptop to Win 11. It is a non-critical device I use mainly for web browsing. My take on Win 11 is this:

  • Microsoft created a marketing challenge when they positioned Win 10 as “free for life”. The idea was that they could generate revenues through OEM sales of Win 10 and monetized sales leads that the OS and browser would kick off. This worked to a reasonable degree, but wasn’t really contributing as much as they would have liked.

  • Microsoft has been fighting internally for 15 years about whether the laptop/desktop should act like a cell phone. They have tried a bunch of different approaches to the Start button, none of them very well liked. They have put their recent focus on the Surface and the app layer, but never really came to grips with the desktop itself.

  • Win11 is a fresh start from a marketing standpoint. They intentionally restricted it to the most recent CPU generations in order to get strong buy-in from the hardware makers and retailers. And of course, each PC that is replaces will generate a new license fee for Windows. I’m sure there are significant foundations under the covers, but mostly that is unremarkable at least for the moment.

  • They finally seem to have found themselves with the desktop view. They have settled on a clean look that is similar to the minimalist Chromebook. The START stuff is still accessible but no longer dominates the experience. And all those tiles are gone, at least for the casual user. I like the desktop better than any of the versions since XP.

  • The feature that will affect most people is the new task scheduler. It does seem to do a better job of prioritizing work, giving the foreground processes the best performance possible. Evidently this isn’t hurting DAWs and other CPU-intense applications.

I like Windows 11, but I see no reason to jump to it on my studio machine. Indeed my studio machine has a non-supported CPU. I don’t see how I would gain anything by spending $2000 or more to replace that machine with hardware that will run Windows 11. I was planning to replace that machine in a few years, and Win 10 will suit me fine until then.

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My test machine is not a supported cpu and no tpm at all or secure boot but still quite easy to install win 11 which I have. It’s working absolutely fine with Cubase. My main machine is only a year old and compatible but I want to test a few more plugins on my test machine first.

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Is that the procedure where you build an installation disk offline and then boot from that to upgrade? Could you possibly like to the procedure you used?

I think I mentioned somewhere before but I was planning to format my main Windows 10 workstation and clean install cubase and everything, as a joke I figured I’d upgrade to Win11 using the updater. Damn thing went too smoothly! It preserved everything perfectly and I could literally open Cubase and use it without any hiccups (aside from having to re-auth one third party plugin).

The last time I had a smooth Windows upgrade (without clean installing the OS or having a catastrophic meltdown experience) was Win98 → 98se…

Download rufus Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way and the iso for win 11 from Microsoft. You need a decent sized pen drive. I have a 64bit one. You need to aim at the drive and select the iso file which is correct for you. Mine was win 11 home 64bit uk. You create the media which should be fine but I had to remove
appraiserres.dll. Just run the installation but don’t let it check for updates. I just did a search on google and used what was on Tomsharware which I had to modify a bit as rufus can no longer download the iso. You have to do that yourself. I clicked yes when running the update to check for updates and it didn’t work. Next time I clicked no and I had to manually search and then remove the dll. Sounds a lot but it was easy really.
Download iso
Download and run rufus to create usb media.
Remove dll
Run installer. Either from within windows which keeps everything (I did this and didn’t have to reinstall anything) or change boot in bios to aim at usb media and do a fresh install.

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I’ve updated to Windows 11 on a six year old i7 that wasn’t compatible. All you have to do is use the official Microsoft work around by creating two registry entries detailed on their website.
Cubase Pro 11 running like a charm. No need for hardware upgrades.