Cubase 12 - Cannot get Hardware tab on Inspector with UR816C

Since I upgraded to Cubase 12 the Hardware tab is no longer visible while using my UR816c.
If I open the exact same project with Cubase 11 the tab is there… but when going back to Cubase 12 it disapears again.
I have tried different routing options on the ins and outs with no luck.

Anyone experiencing the same problem?

Mac Mini Intel i7
16 RAM
running Monterey with the latest Yamaha drivers for the UR series

Here’s what I would check;

In the channel inspector on the left, select the top tab (audio)
For the input routing is it set to ur816c, or at least a channel that’s routed to the ur816c?
If that doesn’t fix it then here’s how I route my ur816c;

Studio tab > audio connections > outputs> set to urc816c device port 4. Then I do not hook output 4 to a monitor or anything else.
Studio tab > audio connections > control room> I set my main monitors to stereo 1, secondary monitors to stereo 2, headphone mixer amp to stereo 3, and lastly stereo out is hooked to stereo 4 (remember not hooked to anything)

Hope this helps

Thank you very much for your answer, I tried the configuration, but still nothing…
It works on Cubase 11 (as it has since I bought this UR816c), but i does not on Cubase 12.

It is quite discouraging as I just keep using Cubase 11 to track, mix and mostly everything.

There was a previous issue of this nature a while ago around Cubase 8/ 8.5 time. I and quite a lot of users resolved it by swichting driver (in my case to “no driver”) closing and restarting cubase, and when prompted for “do you want to use Steinberg /Yamaha Driver?” ticking yes but NOT ticking “do not ask this again”. this cleared the problem + I haven’t had it again since moving from C8,5 to C10 so not sure if it’s relevant for this seemingly identical issue you are experiencing with C12.
(On C12 now, +I do have a shutdown issue where if I want to quit Cubase, I first have to switch to “no driver” or it will freeze upon quit!)