Cubase 12 closing and saving project opening error

hi guys, i am using windows pro 10 my computer is strong 2 months ago i switched from cubase 11 to 12 but the project I saved is not responding and it is not responding, there is no problem when I open a new project but when I save that project and try to open it again, cubase does not respond and freezes but I turn it off in task manager. I formatted my computer many times, I reinstalled it, I even installed it as an administrator, it still gives the same error, the cubase bar stays there and I close it from the task manager, please can you help if you have any information, thank you

If Cubase just freezes and does not produce a crash file, kindly follow the instructions from this post:


I applied exactly what you said, unfortunately it did not solve my problem, my project that I recorded in cubase 12 still cannot be found, it freezes

This is not to fix your problem right away but to get a meaningful report from Cubase/Windows on what happened when Cubase freezes. The .dmp file has to be analyzed by the appropriate people afterwards.

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