Cubase 12 coming March 2nd?

This appeared on Facebook.

Considering C12 will come out on a wednesday, we might be looking at a release on March 2nd! :eyes:


It’s interesting because that picture - the same as on current website for Cubase v11, BTW - seems to be a weirdly photoshopped collage.

The bottom screen clearly shows a lower version of Cubase than v11, because the icons up top and the expandable menus in Inspector panel seem to have a much more solid colour than they do in v11 - they look like v10:

The run up to Cubase 12 launch is gaining pace with the announcement of a broadcast in March to highlight the benefits of mixing in Cubase. Presumably this will highlight new features in Cubase 12 though there’s no mention Cubase 12’s ability to run on Windows 10?

Windows 11 requires specific recent cpu architectures that will seemingly act in a similar way to external hardware firewalls. If those hardware requirements have been incorporated into Cubase 12 (for the new security /licencing system for example) it could rule out a huge swathe of users who are not able to use windows 11 without a substantial expense to upgrade a pc or laptop to enable use of windows 11 whilst windows 10 will be supported for up to another two years by Microsoft will not go down well with many of Steinberg user base.

Can anyone from Steinberg comment on this?

That’s ridiculous and it would be a business suicide :smiley:


What are you smoking?


You can answer your own question by looking at Dorico 4 requirements - new licensing and Windows 10 support no problem. I really doubt any new feature would be Win 11 specific.

No, I don’t smoke and I’m not on anything! It’s a valid question, see here:

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Just because Windows 11 needs a CPU with TPM doesn’t mean you cant make software that runs on 11, 10, 8, etc at the same time. That notice has absolutely nothing to do with Windows 10 support at all, not to mention Cubase 11 runs fine on both Win 10 and 11, and nowhere has Steinberg or anyone else in their right mind talked about dropping Windows 10. That would make absolutely no sense seeing as how Windows 11 is barely what, 3-4 months old?

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You’re reading it wrong, like @Monotremata explained.

Anyway, Greg on today’s livestream said that if anyone wants to take advantage of the free upgrade grace period, they should hurry up :slight_smile:

Punxsutawney Phil says March 16. Never argue with a groundhog.


No, that not photoshopped. We took that picture for the Cubase 11 campaign with Cubase 11 on the screen. Nothing changed. We are classy guys.


Cubase 12 will support Windows 10 (21H2 or higher).

And I can confirm that Cubase 12 will be released on a Wednesday.


I think you’re enjoying this Matthias! :grinning:


Today then. Later on tonight😂

No doubt you’re all classy! :heart_eyes:

But just going here - Cubase: Your guide to music production | Steinberg - it’s pretty clear to me that while at the top of the page both screens show C11, then picture immediately below is weird, with the lower screen not looking like C11 and rather like C9.x with brighter / silver-y icons on top or brighter / siler-y expandable segments in inspector panel.

Not that it matters, but I found it curious :slight_smile:

I’m expecting my C11 Pro + eLicenser to arrive later this week.

Should I bother installing it, or should I just wait and go straight to C12 Pro and new licensing scheme? For the time being I’m fine with C11 Elements.

Greg said those that want to take advantage of grace period should “hurry up” :slight_smile:

Nope, that’s all C11.

Good times!


Love Cubase! Switched from Ableton one year ago. And need to say, that Cubase is really Deep DAW. Of course some Ableton features are amazing! But who knows what Steinberg will do in Cubase 12. Thanks for the great work!


i suspect its a photoshop, on the original picture the flowerpot is on the left :seedling:
as a side note looks a nice studio room to work at !!

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I think the anticipation stress is causing paranoia and hallucinations, conspiracy theories in the Steinberg pictures.