Cubase 12 coming March 2nd?

paymentScreenshot 2022-03-02 160956
payment failed but my visa card is okay with any site

i see now on the "all new features"list it says
“The audio engine drop-out time during playback when adding tracks and insert effects has been reduced”
so i guess its not there yet, but a little plaster aid for this issue.
(i didnt download C12 yet to try though )

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No way to install C12 on Mojave/Catalina?
Only in english this time? No more all the languages like the past versions?

can’t update e-licenser!
can somebody help?!

Try again. The same happened to me the first time. The second time around it succeeded and redirected me to my bank’s verification page.

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I just realized something!
They added Ableton link to Cubasis and not Cubase?!?!

My eLicencer upgrade failed due to server busy - try later.

Now it says I have no upgradable licences.
My Cubase 11 Pro licence is in pending state, but not upgradable.

What do I do?

No worries. Could you please open the new Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM)? What does it tell you there?

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Cubase 12 should work in that state, at least for 30 days (assuming you have a ‘Verification Pending’ licence in Steinberg Activation Manager). Cubase 11 and earlier probably will not work.

Running Maintenance in eLicenser Control Center will probably sort everything out when the load on the servers calms down a bit.

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SAM says not activated and has a red activate button. I pressed it and it says activated.

Thank you.

So can i still load a new (update from 11) licence on my usb dongle, (using my internet pc)
for use on my offline music pc, or is this the thing not working (yet).
So online only for now?

Offline activation for Cubase 12 is not yet available.

Steinberg Licensing does not use the dongle.

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i tried alot same issue :cry:

This was going to me my question as well… How do I get Cubase 12 to use native M1 mode. Was the reason I bought the upgrade. Any thoughts?

You have to disable Rosetta mode for that application in MacOS, just right click on the icon and info.:-

This is how all universal binaries work.

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Cubase 12
Can’t see the two things what I was expecting the most

  1. Ableton Link Feature
  2. Expression Map Improvement
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Yep, both are on our list, but unfortunately not for Cubase 12.


Checked that, still launches in Intel mode.

Did you actually quit the application before running it again? It may have been running in the background and you only closed it (For example).