Cubase 12 crash M1 Max MacBook, getting desperate

Hi guys,

I had Cubase crash an hour ago when I clicked on duplicate track. Here is the crash log, please help me find the reason because I’m getting at least 2-3 random crashes a day with Cubase, not always when i click “duplicate track” sometimes when I’m rendering in place something, sometimes just by moving a mouse etc.
Cubase (9.6 KB)

Can confirm I’ve had multiple crashes in similar instances whilst working within tracks. if you’re someone like myself who has just purchased a new M1 running Monterey you don’t even have the option of downgrading your OS, I had about 5 crashes in no more than a couple of hours today, C12 in my case is unusable and I don’t see any kind of resolution anytime soon, to put things into context BigSur was released over a year ago and only just recently in the 6-8 weeks or so, have!! … and I use this term loosely :v:t4:Most​:v:t4: Of the bugs and issues been ironed out such as third party software companies got their poop together and updating firmware so that plugins are compatible and we finally have a DAW that is basically issue free. Shy of a miracle I’ll be switching back to PC before the end of the month


Cubase (33.2 KB)
Another random crash, I tried clicked on FabFilter Pro Q3 to make some adjustments to the EQ and bam, crash.

@Martin.Jirsak @Matthias_Quellmann can I get some info? I really don’t know who to ask about these issues, I tried searching for Cubase support, but I can’t get it since it’s not supported in my country.

Looks like you are using Rosetta. Do you have similar problem with cubase in native mode?

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The crash is in UAD U3A7:

Thread 636 Crashed:
0   ???                               0x00007ff89766a940 0x0 + 140705668704576
1   libsystem_kernel.dylib            0x00007ff80705f00e __pthread_kill + 10
2   libsystem_pthread.dylib           0x00007ff8070951ff pthread_kill + 263
3   libsystem_c.dylib                 0x00007ff806fe0d24 abort + 123
4   libsystem_malloc.dylib            0x00007ff806ebe357 malloc_vreport + 551
5   libsystem_malloc.dylib            0x00007ff806ed2307 malloc_zone_error + 178
6   libsystem_malloc.dylib            0x00007ff806eb702d small_free_list_remove_ptr_no_clear + 1251
7   libsystem_malloc.dylib            0x00007ff806eb4059 free_small + 749
8   com.uaudio.effects.U3A7           0x00000002bac5c7f6 $0000000000000000000000pjdMAOij7KbU0Ngi3gOmHQ00 + 34
9   com.uaudio.effects.U3A7           0x00000002ba94cca5 $0000000000000000000ocRMsft9SX2FM_msPf8E7A00 + 37
10  com.uaudio.effects.U3A7           0x00000002baca8fa8 $00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000nI1m$b6fLJsXGodIAZUtjw00 + 270
11  com.uaudio.effects.U3A7           0x00000002bac7b419 $0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000NuiYWydB0KVL5lGQ9yhjDw00 + 103
12  com.uaudio.effects.U3A7           0x00000002bac7eecb $00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000IIllsf1fMPQcUidm35l6Kg00 + 737
13  com.uaudio.effects.U3A7           0x00000002bacd29a0 paceEden_dlcKeyExchange + 1908
14  com.uaudio.effects.U3A7           0x00000002b98277a7 pace::dlc::DlcQueue::keyExchangeAttempt(int&, bool&, bool&) + 2715
15  com.uaudio.effects.U3A7           0x00000002b9825250 pace::dlc::DlcQueue::updateQueue() + 1218
16  com.uaudio.effects.U3A7           0x00000002b981f897 pace::dlc::DlcQueue::updateQueueGlue(void*) + 2827
17  com.uaudio.effects.U3A7           0x00000002b963cecd pace::dlc::ThreadLoopBase::loop() + 55
18  com.uaudio.effects.U3A7           0x00000002b9cee003 void* std::__1::__thread_proxy<std::__1::tuple<std::__1::unique_ptr<std::__1::__thread_struct, std::__1::default_delete<std::__1::__thread_struct> >, void (pace::dlc::ThreadLoopBase::*)(), pace::dlc::ThreadLoopCpp11*> >(void*) + 59
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Thanks for the reply! Is that the case with both crashes?


The 1st one is not a crash/ips file. It’s a *.diag file.

Oh I see. I started looking now at those crash files myself, and I noticed of the last 6 crashes, 5 were caused from “Dispatch queue:”, and 1 was from “UALogWriter”. I’m sending those crash logs here, if you don’t mind having a look. My question is, what are my next steps to solving this? Obviously for UAD related stuff I will contact UAD (which as a matter of fact I did couple of minutes ago), but what about this “” causing crashes. What is that? (141.4 KB)


I can confirm, there are lots of .NSURLSession-work crashes on your side.

Do you use Dropbox or similar service by any chance? Do you store some data directly to any of this service directly from Cubase?

Dropbox no, but I do use Backblaze with continuous backup option, so essentially every time there is something new on my computer BackBlaze uploads it. It’s a fairly common practice to do that though and I’m sure there are plenty of people who do it with Backblaze. Could it be that?


It points to the direction of your crashes. So yes, it could.

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to piggy-back off of this thread, but I am also getting 10 to 15 random crashes in Cubase 12 (and 11 Pro).
I am on an first-gen M1 macbook pro, and am on the latest Mac OS version. I also have the latest version of all my plugins, audio interface, etc.

The crashes happen at completely random moments. It might be when I add a plugin, when I remove a plugin, when I make a new track, when I delete a track, when I try to bounce a project, etc. Basically any action has the potential to make Cubase completely disappear.

This was not the case at all a few months ago with Cubase 11, but even Cubase 11 is crashing more often and I’m not sure why. It’s possible that the latest Monterey update is causing that, but it’s such a big issue that I’ve ever so slightly considered using a different DAW, which I would hate to do.

I also cannot use Cubase in Native Silicon mode because too many important plugins are not in VST3 format yet, so I have to stay in Rosetta mode.

I am also using Dropbox but I do not store any Cubase preference data on it. I have some project files on Dropbox, but I also have others that are not, both of which can crash.

With that said, Dropbox has been a recent addition to my system. Unfortunately I don’t remember when I added it, and I don’t remember if adding Dropbox coincided with Cubase starting to crash so frequently.

I’ve attached a log of the latest crash.
Cubase (14.8 KB)

Do you keep your projects in Dropbox? Keep in mind that they have yet to update their software to support on-demand syncing in Mac OS 12.3.

I keep some projects on Dropbox, but I keep most of them not on Dropbox. Both projects that are and aren’t on Dropbox crash.

Dropbox is probably not your issue then. Based on the crash report it looks like the Metric AB plugin could have something to do with it. I’d send your crash report to Steinberg and see what they think.

Thanks for looking into this! I’ll try removing Metric AB and see if that helps.
I’ll send the crash report to Steinberg if the crashes keep happening.

Following this thread. Experiencing an abnormal amount of crashes as well on my M1 Max Macbook pro.


This crash is in totally different area. Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

So far Cubase 12 has not crashed once I removed Metric AB from my projects. :sweat_smile:

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