Cubase 12 crash M1 Max MacBook, getting desperate


Do you save the project directly to the Dropbox by any chance?


I do. Same with any other project files from other daws though. Is that generally a problem for cubase?


Yes, this is a known issue.

I just recently got a new Macbook Pro M1 Max and Metric AB does not crash Cubase on this machine like it used to on my first gen M1 Mackbook Pro. :man_shrugging:

Cubase (25.2 KB)

@Martin.Jirsak , had another completely random crash, which happen as I was working with marker track, adding new cycle marker. Could you please analyse it and tell me why did it happen?

For me all those crashes have started immediately after I installed the latest version of Soundtoys on my M1 Macbook Pro. I think maybe it’s simply to do with Cubase 12 not playing nicely with VST2 plugins, that aren’t M1 compatible yet? What happened to me was everytime I loaded a Soundtoys plugin and took an image of the plugin for my Media Browser, it simply crashed. EVERY TIME. After a restart I was able to take the image, then I loaded another Soundtoys plugin, took a screenshot within Cubase, and CRASH! I might have to remove all VST2 Plugins and run Cubase natively in M1 non-Rosetta Mode, and see whether the problems disappear. I don’t run Backblaze on my Mac. I’m a new Mac user and I didn’t have those issues while running Cubase 12 on my PC.

Soundtoys VST2 plugins are Apple silicon native mode-compatible… but they, of course, don’t load in Cubase 12 running in native mode. (since VST2 isn’t supported in native mode)

But I see now that they have a beta of their VST3 plugins that are going to be released sometime in the not-so-distant future. I wonder if they perform better in Rosetta mode.

Hi, just got the Metric A/B plugin and insert it in the Control Room , and for me its also freezes or crashes cubase 12 on win 10, hope there is a fix for it soon.
any insights and solution meanwhile ?
they don’t update Metric A/B that often as i can see ,3 updates since its release 4 years ago !