Cubase 12 crashes every time i open the Project Logical Editor

Hello fellow experts !
My cubase 12 (12.0.70) on Mac OS X Catalina keeps crashing every time i open the PLE. Sometimes i’m lucky and can select a preset. Most of the time, when i execute it, Cubase crashes. And sometimes, it works… But i’d say 1 out of 10 times… This is driving me nuts.

Same issue in Safe Mode.

Here is my crashlog. If any of you have a clue…


Cubase 12_2023-09-28-155231_Aleksis-iMac.crash (348.5 KB)

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Do you have some custom Project Logical Editor presets, please? Do you have lots of them? Does any of the preset load automatically, once you open the PLE? Which one?

Hi Martin,
Yes i do have some custom ones, around 50, but none open up automatically, at least to my knowledge.

Do you think i have too many ?

+1 as I’ve seen this on more than several occasions here too.

No explanation for it, but Cubase (12.0.50-12.0.70) will sometimes crash when opening the PLE or midi logical editor.

It is occasional and hasn’t happened for a bit, but I’ve seen it and want to report that it does happen without any known cause as yet.

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Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Thanks !

Let me know if you need me to send you anything else.

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Ok this just happened again. Opened the PLE and crash.
Crash ips file attached. Please report to Steinberg!

Cubase 12-2023-10-05-121300.ips (139.9 KB)

Hate to say it, but you’ll likely never hear from Steinberg about this.


Thank you for the update. I attached it to the original crash ticket.

Would you mind to share your Preferences folder and your Project Logical Editor Presets with me, please? Could you ZIP these and send via Private Message, please?

Thank you.

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 12
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase 12_64


This crash comes from the UVI Falcon plug-in. Please, make sure the plug-in is up to date.

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thank you .

I’ve had the same issue with the Logical Editor crashing Cubase 12. Here’s a fix: When you’re about to open the Logical Editor be sure to save your project. Open the PLE and DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING in the interface yet; give it two or three minutes to get in touch with its feelings. I’m serious. Do something else on your project. After a few minutes, take a deep breath and choose a logical editor pre-set. Pause again for a good count to ten before hitting “apply”. If it applies your pre-set as it should, you’re good to go. After this it will work as it should, without the pauses. I know this makes no sense but it works for me nine out of ten times. I have to do this if I’ve just opened Cubase for the day, then it works fine. For some reason the program freaks out if you rush it when it’s just been opened. Good luck!


Cubase 13.0.20 maintenance update, which includes the fix, has been released. Please, download and install the update.

Thanks Martin,
Glad to see someone has been looking into this. However i haven’t upgraded to Cubase 13 yet… I wish this would have been corrected for Cubase 12.