Cubase 12 crashing at start on big sur!

pls help can someone explain why cubase starts in safe mode and it crashes on big sur? is it cos its a hackintosh?..I never had this problem with c11…pls help!!
[Screenshot removed by Steinberg]

Yes, see here: Cubase 12 crashes on startup - #20 by Erich_Krey

Hi Ben,

Im having the similar issue, but im using a mac, not hack.
It crashes while trying to load “vsttransit.bundle” or “vstconnect.bundle” but even after removing them its still not working.
I also removed halion etc.

The main problem is that now my Cubase 11 is not working (seems like a Licenser issue?)

Any help will do as im on a TIGHT DEADLINE and panicking lol…

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same !

What does the eLicenser Control Center show for your Cubase 11 license? Please try running the maintenance task (our servers are still quite busy at the moment, so we’d ask you to be patient)

Thanks Ben,
Maintence was successful,
The license (on elicenser) for cubase 11 says (Not Upgradable) next to it.

Glad to hear it’s working now!

TO ALL HACKINTOSHERS!! YOU MUST HAVE INSTALLED APPLE ALC KEXT OR CUBASE 12 WILL CRASH AT START!!! after 3 sleepless nights found the problem!!! happy music making!!